Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Dream of Future Garden Bloggers Bloom Days

Well it is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day today, hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. Since I started doing these posts last spring, I haven't missed one. It was fun to show off all my pretty flowers. But it is November now. The sun no longer shines here. Fall weather means drizzle, rain and gray skies. It also means my flowers are no longer in bloom.

Ok I do have two plants that are sort of still flowering - my feverfew and my chamomile. But their blooms are ragged and ugly. I have one creeping phlox that thinks it might be spring so has a couple of blossoms on one branch. Obviously it is testing the waters and seeing if it is OK to bloom. But it is not. It is cold. It is drizzly. Snow is just around the corner.

My dreams however are taunting me with a promise of blooms. Last night I dreamt about flowers. I was planting some species tulips and some crocus. I had found the perfect spot in the garden in my dream, a spot in the front border. In my mind's eye I could see them blooming there. I felt the joy of seeing their beauty.

However in reality that spot would be terrible for tulips. And no spot in my garden is safe for tulips or crocus. I've tried again and again to put them in. The squirrels appreciate my endeavores and dig them up again and again. I have no tulips in my yard. I have no crocus in my yard. So my dreams are taunting me, telling me I didn't try this year as I should have. Gardening is nothing if not perserverance in the face of adversity, foolish optimism over a known reality. I wasn't a true gardener this fall as pessimism took hold. I should hand my hoes back in to Carol. Or maybe my lack of tulips this spring will be punishment enough.


  1. Daphne,

    I finally am ready for the garden to rest....this is a good time to read, plan and dream...Sometimes nature
    gets the best of our energies. Deer have discovered my little haven and I might have to rethink how I will this winter is dream time! Have a good weekend and happy dreaming.


  2. That's too funny. Last night I woke up and my husband was watching TV, in my so called sleep I asked him , "What trees are you picking out?" Gardening is a sickness I tell ya.

  3. I know the feeling of spent blooms with winter coming. I think the garden of our imagination is the most fertile soil of all. What a funny post!

  4. My yard is also greatly lacking blooms. I managed to find four to post for GBBD.

    I also have many pesky squirrels that like to dig and chew everything. Of course they don't eat the flowers they just snip them off!

  5. Hi, I haven't had any garden dreams yet, but I always do. I hope winter goes by quickly for us. I have squirrels, too.

  6. All the blooms in my garden have also gone... A few roses still hang on, but still not in great shape.

  7. I'm still getting used to how odd the seasons are here--after growing up on the east coast and spending so much time in the midwest. Here things actually get greener in winter--the grass especially--thanks to all the rain. Yes, trees drop their leaves but we have so many evergreens. So even if we lack flowers, we have lots and lots of greenery. And lots of squirrels!

  8. Thwart those bushy-tailed rats - plant Daffodils & Scilla. This fall I planted Crocus tommasinianus, which are reputedly squirrel-proof. Hah! I found a hole where 1 used to be. We'll see what happens.