Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Special Voter Turnout for Me

Yesterday my husband went to the polls. He could see all our families names on the voter registration list. Next to my daughter's name was the little letters saying she got her absentee ballot. Next to my son's name was nothing. He had asked for info on how to get his ballot, but he never followed through. Needless to say my husband and I were disappointed in him. So my husband called him and told him he needed to come home and vote.

He goes to school at Brown in RI and we live in Massachusetts. So for him it was just a half hour walk to the train station then an hour long commuter rail ride to Boston, then a half hour subway ride to get home. Oh yeah and I had to drop everything to pick him up at the subway stop. So once again. I was playing the mom again and driving him all over. But he voted in his first election. Yea!

I'm hoping that my daughter filled in her ballot and sent it in. I know she took the time to educate herself on the candidates and questions. I know because she came home a couple of weeks ago and made me teach her how. But if she did than the family had 100% voter turnout.

In fact Winchester as a whole did pretty well. We had 88% turnout. But then again there were no lines at the polls. It was easy to get in (at least in Precincts 5 and 6). Go Winchester for making it easy.

My son said he didn't come home just for the election. He wanted to take some things to school. He and his suitemates have been making Sunday morning breakfasts. He wanted a fry pan. I actually did have one I was willing to part with. He wanted measuring cups and spoons. I gave him one of my sets. I couldn't help him with the mixing bowl. I use them all the time.

Then I asked him if he wanted his Corelleware. I replaced mine a couple of years ago. My old stuff was chipped on the edges, but I split the set in two and saved them for the kids since it is perfect for college use. My son was saying they were using paper plates and plastic cups. I ribbed him about destroying the planet. So he finally took some of it back. I got to see him for about an hour before he left on the train again. But it was a fun visit.


  1. Great post! And good for you going through what you did to make sure that your son was able to vote. It was an historic day for this nation, I don't think we've all really woken up from the excitement yet.

    And how wonderful that he has an interest in cooking - great kid!

  2. Hi Daphne, I've been following THE election and loved every moment of it!
    Reading about your son makes me think--when will MY son show some interest in cooking? At least the basics to save his life?! I hope the day is not too far when I'll have that moment like you did!

  3. LOL - I know someone who drove 4 hours to pick up her son at school and bring him home to vote, then 4 hours back! That's great that you took extra steps to make sure your son did, too. A good story to tell the grandkids someday.

  4. Great familial turnout, Daphne! I know for sure we had 3 of 4. And great turnout for your town. Our high turnout led to an upset victory in a state sentate race where the winner is from our town and won by just 122 votes.