Friday, January 9, 2009

Planting Schedule

Yesterday was another fun day. My Pinetree order showed up. I was a little worried when I went over what I ordered and what was in the box. Two of the seed packets were missing. When I was looking in the box to see if I missed them somehow, I found the little pink slip telling me that they were on backorder. So my Neck Pumpkin and Pineapple Tomatillo will show up later.

I have a basic list of what I'm growing and when I should be starting all my plants (shown at the bottom, "In" means date to plant indoors, "Out" means date to transplant or direct seed outside). This list is not totally complete. I do succession crops for most of the greens and lettuce. So every couple of weeks more will be seeded. I only have the first date listed.

Also The plants at the bottom don't have dates. They go in when I feel like it. The three sister's plants are very reliant on temperature and how their sisters are doing, so their planting dates are really more up in the air even though there is a date to plant each one on the list.

My last frost date is May 1st. Last year it was actually April 16th, but May can be a cold wet month even if there is no frost. I really look at the weather before I put out things like tomatoes, peppers, cucurbits and eggplants. Dates are really just a guideline.

Also My MIL just told me when she was taking me to Canyon Ranch (don't I have a great MIL?). I'll be gone May 4th to May 10th. I'm really hoping my husband can keep my tomato and pepper seedlings alive while I'm gone. I'd love it if I could get all those seedlings out to the garden before I leave. Maybe the weather will cooperate, but that would be really pushing our spring season.

Plant Name In Out
Onion Cobra 1/17 3/20
Onion Tropea 1/17 3/20
Leeks Lincoln 1/17 3/27
Onion Bunching Nabechan 2/21 4/3
Lettuce Prizehead
2/28 3/20
Lettuce Red Sails 2/28 3/20
Lettuce Merveille de Quatre Seasons 2/28 3/20
Lettuce New Red Fire 2/28 3/20
Asian Greens Purple Mizuna 3/13 4/3
Asian Greens Tatsoi 3/13 4/3
Asian Greens Fun Jen 3/13 4/3
Chard Bright Lights 3/13 4/3
Chard Rubarb 3/13 4/3
Parsley Flat Leaf 3/13 4/3
Asian Greens Chinese Cabbage Rubicon 3/13 4/10
Broccoli Packman 3/13 4/17
Cabbage Gonzales Mini 3/13 4/17
Marigold Ground Control 3/13 5/1
Monarda Panorama Mix 3/13 5/1
Pepper Cayenne 3/13 5/15
Pepper Early Jalapeno 3/13 5/15
Pepper Serrano 3/13 5/15
Potato Kennebec 3/20 4/3
Tithonia Fiesta Del Sol 3/20 5/1
Tomato Aussie 4/3 5/15
Tomato Sungold 4/3 5/15
Basil Holy 4/17 5/15
Basil Lemon 4/17 5/15
Basil Sweet Basil 4/17 5/15
Eggplant Slim Jim 4/17 5/29
Eggplant Lavender Touch 4/17 5/29
Cucumber Diamant 4/24 5/15
Tomatillo Pineapple 4/24 5/15
Peas Snap Cascadia
Peas Snap Super Sugar Snap
Peas Snow Snow Bird
Peas Snow Mammoth Melting
Carrot Big Top
Carrot Atomic Red
Carrot Sugar Snax
Nasturtium Jewel Mix

Sunflower Music Box
Corn Bon Appetit
Squash Costata Romanesco
Squash Dark Green Zucchini
Squash Neck Pumpkin
Bean Pole Kentucky Wonder Wax
Bean Pole Cherokee Trail of Tears
Bean Pole Vermont Cranberry
Digitalis Dwarf Red

Greens Mustard Spinach

Greens Strawberry Spinach

Greens Tyfon-Holland Greens

Radish Crimson Giant

Radish Reggae


  1. Wow. The day I'm that organized I'll probably go straight to heaven.

  2. You do have a fab MIL. I think you could hire out your services as a garden organizer. I was just looking at the seeds that I ordered for this year and thought "what was I thinking?". It'll happen, but it won't be in any organized fashion. Thank goodness I have a pretty forgiving climate.

  3. Well it isn't that hard in a spreadsheet. I tell it when my last frost is and how many weeks before or after the last frost date it gets planted and how many weeks old it should be at transplant time. It figures out the date the seeds get started and the date the transplants go out. When I don't like how the plants overlap (like my onions and the rest of the plants) I push the weeks forward or back.

    A spreadsheet makes it really easy to play with that way. Also I can quickly look to make sure I never have more than 16 six packs which is the maximum I can grow with my set up. I really find it is better to plan if you grow most of your plants from seed. When I didn't grow my own transplants, I never really planned except in my head.

  4. Have you thought of setting up a plastic tent with the ends clipped open so all he'd have to do is watch the weather report and secure the ends down if a frost is imminent? Sometimes, you can put tomatoes out in our garden that early but it is, as you say, usually pushing it. May 14th is generally the earliest that I can get them in the ground.

  5. Hi Daphne, thank you for visiting my blog and making me one of your Fav's I hope I don't let you down and that you will find it interesting.
    What a great idea of listing your seeds and putting when they should go in and when out. I wrote my list with sowing times on paper, but yours looks clearer and it's handy to have it on the blog. I think I will try this out, so thanks for the great idea.