Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Harvest Tally

Komatsuna, Tyfon, Chard, Dill

As I suspected, last week was the high point of the greens harvest. I'm certainly still harvesting greens. In fact I'm not harvesting much else, just a little onion and herbs. However since a lot of the Asian greens have been pulled the tally is way down. I've started to do successions now that I know I need to, but they are not yet to transplantable age. Except for having to plant constant successions the Komatsuna has been a real winner. It tastes good. It is ready in 30 days. It is very prolific. The leaves were two feet long. One plant is about right for a serving of greens for me. They cook down much like spinach, but their ribs have a lot of substance to them. I can get about two harvests off of a plant before it needs pulling.

Today I noticed more pea buds so I expect to start harvesting snap peas in about a week, but they may not quite make next weeks tally. So next week will probably be even lower, unless my chard or lettuce picks up.

So for totals, this week:

  • Herbs: .04 lbs
  • Greens: 1.88 lbs
  • Onions: .08 lbs
Weekly total: 1.99 lbs
Yearly total: 9.94 lbs
Yearly earned: -$194.33

Last week with a harvest of four pounds, it was more than enough to keep me supplied in vegetables for the week. This week's total is not quite enough, but I was also eating last weeks leftovers.

There are only so many greens a person can eat before they go crazy. I occasionally stare in my fridge and think, "there is no way I'm eating greens again today" but I do anyway. I'm very glad I have a variety of greens, but I really can't wait for a ripe tomato (months off) or a crispy carrot (a couple of weeks off). I really need more spring variety.


  1. We had a cold, wet spring this year, and we went away for Spring Break, so I didn't do some of my usual planting. Do you grow radishes? I like them, but I love the early shoots on my sandwiches. They deliver early, too. Next spring, I plan to plant beets and radishes.

  2. Radishes! I agree with Kim. Yum!!! But don't forget that you can also use those greens in pasta sauces (I especially love arugula tossed into a sauce at the last minute), lasagna, lentil stew, black bean soup, refried beans, omelettes, and the like. No need to limit yourself to eating them as a "vegetable"!

  3. I do grow radishes. I ate them all. I have another batch coming but not for weeks. I should do more successions of those, but I never remember until I pull the last one out.

    our friend Ben, I can do that for lunches, but for dinners I'm not allowed. I cook for my veggie hating husband. If I put green things in it, he wouldn't eat it. So at dinner it is always a vegetable.

  4. hi Daphne, do chard will thrive in partial shade area ?

  5. morello, most greens do OK in partial shade. They usually need a couple of hours of direct sun to do well. I've never tried chard in that kind of light. When we get to August and September my plants will only get about three hours of sun a day and I suspect they will be fine, but right now they have about 6.