Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Harvest Tally - 13 July 2009

Last week I was on fun family reunion at Lake Tahoe, so I finally got to see the reclusive sun. My arms are more tanned now than after weeks of working in my garden, even with SPF 45. I did not however get to see my garden at all. I had a good friend looking after it. Happily for me he was willing to weigh what he picked. The things friends will do for you if you ask them. He didn't even look at me like I was crazy when I showed him what to do. The only time he laughed was when I showed him how to water the garden. The very thought of having to water a garden is now alien to us. When I got back he did say he had to water the tomato pails, but nothing else.

When I got back I went out to the garden to find even more of a jungle than when I left. The potatoes and tomatoes are taking over. Most of the beans are at the top of their poles. The chilies are producing like crazy. I'll give photos and more updates later, but on to the harvest.

Peas were still the major producers with chard and lettuce the only other producers. OK those were the things I told him to pick so they are what got picked. The raspberries should also be in full production, but he said he only got a small handful (unweighed due to too small a harvest). This means the raspberries are really late this year or the dreaded chipmunk has found them. He found them last year but only after about a week of harvesting them. Raspberries prick his feet and he usually doesn't do that until the harvest is better. I'll keep an eye out and find out which it is.

So here are the totals:

  • Peas 1.78 lbs
  • Greens 1.38

Weekly total: 3.16 lbs
Weekly spent: $0
Yearly total: 31 lbs
Yearly earned: -$20.55


  1. Daphne, that's great you got to enjoy some sunshine in Lake Tahoe!

    Your garden looks fabulous! I love that overview shot!

    You have a good neighbor! Do you watch his garden when he goes away?

    Have a great week!

  2. Oh, Daphne, your garden is looking so pretty. Mine is entering its summer overgrown, wilted from the heat, wind blown look right now, and not looking so nice. I tied up my sunflowers yesterday, and I can't even see them this morning. They and their pole blew down during the night. Everything in the garden is leaning just like my tipsy pots!

  3. Glad to hear you got to enjoy some time in the sun. That is super cool that you had someone who was not only willing to tend to your garden but was also willing to weigh it. Wahoo!

    I hope you get your raspberries before that chipmunk does.

    It seems, so far at least, that you have my harvest tally beat by a long shot.

  4. What a great friend! Funny, I am about 20 in the red too.

    Lake Tahoe sounds beautiful! I'm sure you enjoyed the sun!

  5. Your garden looks really lush right now! Shouldn't be long til you're in the green.

  6. Daphne, your garden is awesome, and so much wonderful produce so far. I have peas by the pailful, lettuce, enough for salads and our rabbit, and tomatoes ripening.

  7. Toni, I would look after it if he asked me to. He hasn't yet. Of course the two vacations that I know he is taking this summer, I'm going to be on both of them. I'm a little worried about how my pails will survive without a neighbor looking after them, but I have another friend that said he had some left over irrigation equipment that might work for me. I would have to buy a timer but it might be worth it if my tomatoes would live.

    Annie's Granny, Oh no! My tomatoes almost looked like that too when I got home. Their cage started to tip. They weren't on the ground or anything, but the weight of the plants were slowly pulling my old cages down and apart. I need new ones next year. I think 18 years with the same tomato cages is just too much for the poor rusty cages.

    Jennifer, I went out this afternoon and looked closely at them. I think they are just being slow right now. Not enough sun and heat. They seem to be a bit more than a week behind the normal schedule.

    Lzyjo, We are almost there. I can't wait until I hit zero. Maybe next week. If the raspberries start it will add up quickly.

    the inadvertent farmer, thanks

    Michelle, thanks. I'll be there soon. BTW I got the seed you sent me. I can't wait to try it. I've never actually grown mache before so haven't a clue as to its taste. I'm guessing it will end up in my potato spot or maybe where the onions are now.

    keewee, I saw the first little bit of orange on my F2 tomatoes yesterday. I was so psyched. I can't wait for tomatoes.

  8. Welcome back Daphne, glade to hear you had a good time! Your garden looks to be in very good shape and I will look forward to the further updates.