Friday, July 24, 2009

No More Limbo

Overview photo because Toni asked.

The other day I was lamenting not being able to get out into the garden to pull my snap peas and get the snow peas back onto the trellis. If you look at the above photo you will see them getting out of control (left most bed). It is hard to tell in the photo but the peas have leaned all the way over the path and are shading the squash in the next bed. Plus I can't walk down the path anymore without contortions.

I finally got time to pull the snap peas out. Then I pulled the trellis of the snow peas back to where it was supposed to be. I'm using a string attached to my fence for this task. Then I tied up the stray peas that were reaching over. Finally I have a path again - at least that one. If you notice the next path to the right, it is pretty blocked now too, but mostly I can step over it all.

Better than just a path I had more room to plant. The Komatsuna and Mizuna has been in the bed for a while, but I planed out 3 broccoli, 2 Chinese cabbage and 1 kale. Now all my fall seedlings are in. I will start more Komatsuna when I'm back from camping this weekend (don't expect any replies before then, all posts have been scheduled), but the longer to mature brassicas are done.

On the other end of the pea bed I planted carrots. I hadn't double dug this bed and I wanted the long pretty Sugar Snax so I dug this 1' x 2 1/2" section out about a foot deep and sieved the soil using 1/4" mesh. I didn't get out the tiny rocks, but I got a nice pile out. I didn't have much seed left so I carefully placed the seed 1" apart being sure not to have more than one seed. I still didn't have enough so some I made 2" apart. If they all germinate this will be no issues. I always thin them to 3-4" apart. I made the three rows 4" apart for a total of 7 1/2' of row. It seems all my carrot plantings now are tiny, but hopefully they will add up nicely.

Rocks dug out of my tiny plot.

I thought about fall peas for this section. It is what I did last year, but I've had so many peas this year I'm pretty sick of them at this point. Plus my snow peas are still producing. Fall peas don't produce that well anyway. They do best as a spring crop. Watch me regret my decision when I do fall stir frys and have no peas.

And don't forget that Monday is Harvest Monday. I'm hoping to get more people to join up this time. Blooms get their own day. Surely harvests are worthy too. BTW any harvest counts so long as someone eats it. Big or small doesn't matter. I'm just hoping to see what people pull out of their gardens.


  1. Hi Daphne! Sending you greetings from Wyoming.

    Thanks for the overview photo. Your garden is so pretty!

    Harvest Mondays sound fun! Count me in! It's video Friday for me today...

    Have fun camping! I loved camping when I lived in MA. My husband worked a lot, so I would pack up my young boys and off we'd go... there was a place in southern NH that we really enjoyed... can't think of the name just yet... it had an indian name. Well... enjoy!!!

  2. Can't wait to see your carrots! I've planted a bunch of fall peas, and I've put in beets and kale and more cabbage. Here's hoping the sun helps us out...

    Have fun camping!

  3. Toni, your welcome. I'm glad you will be joining :> Pawtuckaway maybe? We've gone there and still do most years, but we do that on in September with another huge group. I don't think we have been camping by ourselves in ages.

    June, I do hope the sun comes out. Now that I'm back I found out we had 2" of rain over the weekend here. We had a lot camping too :/

    Dan, luckily Saturday was a nice day because it rained on Friday and Sunday.

  4. Yes Daphne, that's it!!! Pawtuckaway!!!

    It was a little over an hour from us. We loved the lake. We would camp then spend the day at the beach. Fun memories!