Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day September 2009

Wow I almost missed GBBD. One of my fellow artists had an emergency and needed someone to fill her shift at the cooperative today. So I ran down to the store leaving my poor lonely blog to fend for itself. It still hasn't figured out how to write posts without me. Then when I got back, I was reading Michelle's blog and GBBD hit me in the face. Hmm the sun was getting lower in the sky and I had no photos. Luckily the garden wasn't in total shade yet and I could take photos without the flash.

It is amazing how fast you can take photos for GBBD when you don't have time. I'm supposed to be starting dinner in about five minutes so this post can't take too long either.

What would fall be without the blooming sedum. I swear this is the favorite place of bees. The pretty pink carpet is frolicked upon by a multitude.

This isn't right. My Trail of Tears beans has most of its beans already dried and picked. I'm waiting on a few more. I guess it decided that the last batch is done and it is time for some more.

My neck pumpkins never set any female flowers. In fact the 12' long plant never had one female flower even bloom. This will be the first. I wonder if I can eat it green because there is no way there is time for it to ripen up. It sort of looks like a zucchini. Will it taste like one?

At least the pepper plants are still blooming. They have a chance of getting big enough before they are killed by frost. They don't need to ripen like the neck pumpkin does.

My tithonia is still blooming as always. I swear the flowers aren't real every time I look at them. The color is too bright and the flower too perfect. I never show the plants for good reason. The plants look terrible all covered in mildew.

How did that get in there? My husband had been taking photos with the camera and left them on the card. I figured this guy is pretty enough to be a flower with his blue and red head.

Whoops. It took me more than five minutes to write. I'd better get off to make dinner.


  1. I think the turkey belongs too. Nice display of your blooms.

  2. You're right: that tithonia is UNREAL! In a good way, of course. Hoping I see a few more pepper blooms here, too. Happy bloom day! I like the turkey, too.

  3. Hi Daphne,
    I'm sorry to hear the tithonia has mildew issues. I was just thinking, "ooh, I need some of those those!" Your photo of it is stunning.
    I like the turkey photo. We have turkeys where I live and it's always a treat to see them.

  4. Nice blooms Daphne. I like bloom day too, snap snap and your done.

  5. I had been thinking about the bloom day a lot last week but couldn't remember when it mattered. Oh well, except for zinnias not much new since last month. Shouldn't my asters be in bloom by now?
    Nice shot of sedum w/bees.

  6. I've never heard of neck pumpkin. Mr. Turkey is a beauty. I like to watch them walk in flocks. Step, step, step. . .

  7. Gorgeous flowers and the turkey is pretty fine too! Is this a new diet plan you are promoting - the garden blogger's "I'm too busy to eat or make dinner" plan?

  8. Daphne, I'm happy to see that you got a GBBD post up, in record time too!

    I have one sedum plant that was in full bloom a week or so ago, it was literally buzzing with bees.

    The neck squash looks a lot like the Italian Tromboncino squash (C. moschata) which is good both green and mature.

    Love that tithonia, but then, I'm a fan of orange in the garden.

    Great shot of the turkey, I'm glad you included that.

  9. Mary Delle, thanks.

    Iris, I hope you get your pepper blooms too.

    Linda, I think in a normal year they would look a lot prettier (well the plant the flowers look pretty anyway). I don't think it liked out cool wet summer.

    Dan, thanks.

    Sally, the wild asters are blooming all over. I went for a walk with some friends on Monday and I kept thinking I wish I had the camera, because the asters were stunning. I don't have any in the garden though. I did at one point, but the plant didn't last.

    Stefaneener. it is a lot like a butternut squash but with a really long and curly neck.

    kitsapFG. lol I try not to get into that habit. You never know, if I get hungry enough I might eat those wild turkeys - not that I'd mind free range turkeys but it is illegal here to hunt them.

    Michelle, yup, less than half an hour and there you go. Well the neck pumpkin is also C. moschata so they are related. I've never heard of anyone actually trying to eat them however. I might since I know they won't make it before frost.

  10. Great photos, lovely post.

  11. Your pepper bloom picture is most interesting.