Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Me Meme

Gratuitous flower photo

Dot from A Faerie's Garden has passed a meme award to me. Here are the rules:

  • Link back to the person who gave you the award
  • Reveal the 7 things about yourself
  • Tag 7 other bloggers at the end of your post and link to them
  • Let each blogger know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Let the tagger know when your post is up.

So I get to ramble on about myself with seven different things. What should I pick?

1. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and had a hard time getting used to the East Coast. Everything here is so close together. The houses, the trees, the people - everything. It makes me a bit claustrophobic. I've been slowly getting used to it. I've lived here way more than half my life so you'd think I'd have adjusted already. Almost.

2. My trail name is Blue Sky. I got it in 2003. I know we have complained over our wet summer, but that summer was horribly wet even in August when our weather usually dries out. It was much wetter than this year. It rained ALL the time. This was the year my daughter and I decided to go on a 100 mile hike of the Long Trail in Vermont (Massachusetts to Route 4) in August during some of the really bad storms. Every time I would look up and see blue sky, I would point it out and then it would start pouring again. My misplaced optimism really brought on the rain.

3. My dog, Kayla, died in June after a bout with brain cancer. I cried for two weeks straight afterward. Whenever I open the door to go out to the garden, I still have that moment when I expect her to come barreling over to join me. That moment always makes me sad.

4. I love to dance. There is nothing more joyous in the world than letting yourself go to the music. Sadly my husband doesn't share my love. The rest of the family has hang ups over looking silly while dancing. Sigh. I've found if you are a bad dancer, no one looks at you they look at the other dancers. They only watch you if you are any good. This fall I signed up for a Bollywood class - something I've never done before. It isn't quite as fun since it is all choreographed and learning it is a challenge to my memory.

5. Which brings me to my weird memory. I'd make the perfect absent minded professor since I can't remember anything and yet I remember the weirdest things.

6. I grew up a river rat. For those that don't know, it means I spent a lot of time on rivers. I started rowing when I was 16 and the first river I ever rowed by myself was the "River of No Return", better known as the middle fork of the Salmon in Idaho. I've never rowed the Grand Canyon, but have been down the length three times.

7. I'm a beadweaver by trade. I sell my work through two Artisans' Cooperatives, The Sign of the Dove and The Clever Hand Gallery.

So now I have to pick seven other bloggers. I really hate picking who to choose, but first I'll eliminate the people I've chosen before and there are quite a lot of you from previous memes. There are so many more I'd like to put on the list, but here is seven of you:

Now I have to go post over at your blogs to let you know.

BTW speaking of awards, it is time for the Blotanical Awards nominations. So I'll do a little stumping for myself to try to get into the finalists. In the category section I've chosen to put myself in the running for: Best Vegetable Gardening Blog, Best Organic Blog and Best Photography Blog. I really don't deserve the last nomination. I've had some good photography, but I'm not really a photography blog. I picked it because I was to pick three categories and couldn't think of another one to put myself in. I do a lot of canning and veg growing, but am hardly a homesteading blog and don't have the land for an agrarian blog. Maybe urban farming will be my next career, but for now I'm just an organic veg grower so I think I'm a much better fit for the vegetable and organic categories. My state is Massachusetts. So if you belong to Blotanical log in and vote. If not for me at least for someone. And if you don't belong to Blotanical, why not?


  1. Daphne, thx for choosing me but I renounce ! lol. I certainly don't want to be viewed as a party pooper, but I'd rather you give my spot to someone else. I haven't got much to say, sadly. :)

    It was lovely reading about you though ! (So sorry about your dog, I feel your grief. I lost one of my cats about 2 weeks ago).

  2. Born and raised in Idaho, and here I am trying to figure out where the middle fork of the Salmon is.....would that be the one that runs through Riggins? My paternal grandparents homesteaded on the northernmost one that runs south of Winchester.

  3. Daphne, it doesn't matter much if you are a perfect absent minded professor..., haha..., but you are such a passionate gardener and blogger too. I am sure you deserve a spot in Blotanical list. Happy Gardening ~bangchik

  4. Hi Daphne! I envy you your Bollywood class! I have a Bollywood dance DVD, but by the time they've finished the warmups I'm completely exhausted! Poor Kayla. We lost our most-beloved Molly to liver cancer in April, and still miss her every day, though we've been greatly consoled and entertained by our crazed puppy Shiloh. Why didn't I know you were a beader? I bead as well, but don't weave, since my skills in all crafts areas are fairly minimal. I use semiprecious stones in my beadwork and find it a great joy. And no worries, we've already voted for you!---Silence

  5. Thanks Daphne for selecting my site as one your seven links.

    Your seven things about you were an interesting read. I almost started crying when I read about your dog passing away. That must have been awful and I can so relate to the grieving process you went through.

    Thanks for your great blog - always a pleasure to read it.

  6. Miss M, lol you can't renounce, but you can not participate. That is quite acceptable. I'd say when I give these things out about half the people end up not participating. Sorry about your cat. Animals just don't live long enough.

    Annie's Granny, It is near Stanley if my memory serves. I haven't heard of Riggins so probably not.

    Bangchik, :> thanks.

    Silence, that is one nice thing about living here in a major metropolitan area. We have wonderful things like Springstep, which is a dance school just for people like me (ie non professionals or people who just want to do it for fun). I took a sample Bollywood class (a great invention) so I could see what it was like. It is very energetic, but fun so signed up. Shiloh sounds like such a fun dog, but then I've never known a puppy that couldn't steal my heart. Thanks for the vote :>

  7. Bollywood classes sound really fun!

    Interestingly, when I would visit my sister in Denver, it's definitley more open than here in Maryland, but something about seeing a big mountain range always in view, made me feel a little claustrophobic. Maybe weird, but I felt like I just couldn't see behind the mountains and that made me feel uncomfortable. I guess here, we can't even see TO the distance of the mountains though. Good luck with the Blotanical awards! I'll have to get over there and see what that's all about...

  8. Thanks again for the mention Daphne - my post is now up linking back to you and providing the rest of the requested info.

  9. kitsapFG, I'll have to run over and read it :>

    Wendy, that is funny. I would never have guessed that Colorado could make someone claustrophobic. I guess our minds just get used to something and have trouble adjusting.

  10. Thanks for tagging me. You have chosen me before, I feel I should point out. ;-)

    So I might be lazy and sit this one out, particularly as I haven't done a harvest post yet for today's harvest meme. You're a hard taskmaster, Daphne!!

    I'm impressed by your creative skills with beadweaving. It's probably a terrible thing to admit, but I didn't even know that such a craft existed until I read your blog entry.

    Sorry to hear about Kayla.

  11. Amanda, Whoops. I was trying to be good and spread the cheer around. LOL I guess you just get the joy twice. Next time I have to double check. It is cruel of me to put the meme up on Sunday right before Harvest Monday. I picked Sunday since weekends are the less read days and the meme isn't really garden related. It is an amusing side note.

  12. Daphne, I don't usually participate in these things, but this one looks like fun. Susan (Gardenchick) tagged me for this one also and I've been thinking about it and working up a post. It's been nice to get to know more about the people behind the blogs that I enjoy so it seems right to reciprocate. Stay tuned...

  13. Hi Daphne, thanks for taking up the meme award! Its so nice to get more of a sense who everyone is behind their blogs =)

    I am very sorry to hear about Kayla. I unfortunately can relate, my bird Casper is battling with ovarian tumors, she is on medications and thankfully doing ok for the moment. I don't want to think ahead and just enjoy her now. I imagine that while Kayla may not be with you physically anymore, she still joins you while you do your gardening from wherever it is we go. All the best Daph

  14. Daphne,
    Thanks for the tag. I'm sorry that I'm going to be a party pooper as well; I have a poor track record with these things. I must say though that it was nice to learn more about you--sorry about the loss of your dog. I'm impressed with your hiking, as I have also been impressed with your gardening knowledge and passion. And you should let me know if you are selling your beaded products at a fair or show or store in the Boston area as I would like to check it out.
    Now I'm going to import a week's worth of photos and attempt a post. After I vote...

  15. Wow, Daphne, you're so multi-talented! I loved learning these little things about you. I had an Indian friend growing up and every year I would go to her Indian dance recitals. Beautiful, I love their clothing and henna on the feet, etc., oh, I also like your trail name, I think that's really cool. Did you pick it yourself, or does someone have to dub you?

  16. Michelle, I'd love to hear your seven things about you.

    Dot, I love to hear tidbits about other people's lives too. It puts a face onto the blog. I hope your bird does well.

    Sally, I sell my tings at the Sign of the Dove in Porter Square, Cambridge and at The Clever Hand Gallery in Wellesley.

    Lzyjo, I did pick it. I guy named Patches kept telling me I needed one. One day I said it should be Blue Sky for the reason I mentioned. He of course laughed at the name (probably thinking it should be Rain and not Blue Sky) I wasn't going to keep it, but afterward he kept leaving me notes in the registers with the name so it stuck.