Monday, October 5, 2009

Harvset Monday October 5, 2009

This is my only harvest photo for the week. Yup I had one real harvest. I did pick some raspberries on other days as I always do and got some potatoes while double digging, but other than that nothing. As the fall veggies pick up the rest of the garden has stopped. This week I harvested the first of my leeks, Chinese cabbage and kale. Some more carrots were picked. Not many just enough for a week.

I just want to let Frances notice that the Chinese cabbage really doesn't have that much slug damage on the inside of the head. There are a few holes, but barely any at all.

Two weeks ago I harvested almost 8 lbs, one week ago 6 lbs, this week just 5 lbs. With the sun so low in the sky and the back yard to the south east covered in tall trees and the side yard to the south west with my neighbor's tall house, my garden only sees about 2 hours of sun a day now. Certain parts don't even get that. Growth is slowing down. Luckily most fall crops are can grow OK with some shade. I'm sure they want more than what I'm giving them, but I can't help them out. They might get a couple weeks of nice sun when the trees lose their leaves, but only if the weather stays warm enough - an unlikely combination.

I think my 200 pound hope for the garden is well within reach. I only need five more pounds and if I picked what was in the garden right now I would exceed that. Whoohoo! I've had some bad setbacks this year with the corn and the squash, but still what was good, was pretty good and made up for them. I think when November hits and nothing is happening in the garden, I'll do a detailed analysis of what is good and what I need to change. I'll have all the harvest data (which is more detailed than what you see since I do it by variety on my spreadsheet).

Last week I asked you all about what to do about Harvest Monday. The overwhelming response was for me to keep it and try to morph it into something broader. So I'll try to do that. I really hope the people that are havesting over my winter will keep adding their harvests in. I know in this area it will be hard to pull off a real harvest post in late November. Last year we had some good weather in early November that turned right in the middle. My last harvest was on November 16th. At that time they were predicting lows in the teens so the ground was going to freeze solid, so I dug up all my root crops and anything else I wasn't trying to overwinter. Who knows what this year will bring.

Anyway onto the tally.

  • Alliums 1.14 lbs
  • Beans 0.10 lbs
  • Berries 0.83 lbs
  • Carrot 0.33 lbs
  • Cucurbits 0.19 lbs
  • Greens 1.24 lbs
  • Peppers 0.03 lbs
  • Potatoes 1.13 lbs
  • Tomatillo 0.08 lbs

Weekly total: 5.07 lbs
Weekly spent: $0
Yearly total: 195.10 lbs
Yearly earned: $671.53

If you would like to join in showing off your harvest, put your name and URL into Mr. Linky below. It doesn't matter how big or small your harvest is. You don't have to count the pounds like I do. If you have had a harvest this last week, show us and join in!


  1. It looks great Daphne, I so admire your work with the weighing and the registration of your yield. I wish I could do the same...perhaps next year.

    Congratulation to your award!


  2. Love those leeks! I'm thinking potato leek soup is on the menu soon at Henbogle....

    Let us know when you try the Kale!

  3. Still looking great, Daphne, and woohoo for your 200 pounds!!!!!

  4. I guess that cabbage is edible, Daphne, HA! Thanks for drawing it to my attention. I am so happy you are going to continue with this, it is a great way to start the week. I plan on going to the farmer's market when it stops raining and feel those types of posts might qualify? So glad you met your goal. I think you are a pretty goal oriented person. :-)

  5. Maybe net year I'll be organized enough to join. Your cabbage is impressive. I wish I'd started my fall veggies earlier.

  6. Although not official yet, congrats on your 200 lbs, Daphne !
    Nice harvest !
    (I should check up on my carrots, see how they're doing ...)

  7. I've been vegetable gardening for years and I'm still always amazed by how much a home garden can produce! It's great that you are going to realize you harvest goal. If only your weather had been more obliging this summer...

    I'm really happy to hear that you will keep Harvest Mondays going yourself. I like Frances' idea of a local farmers market report.

  8. Tyra, It really isn't all that much work to do. I keep the kitchen scale right out on the counter. The problem for me is to remember to do it after the veggies have been washed and trimmed.

    hembogle, I ate a few bowls of that soup and then froze a couple of servings for later in the year. Yum! I did eat the kale. I tried it in a Chinese stir fry and also fried up in olive oil with a bit of balsamic vinegar. I liked it both ways. I think it will be great in soups later in the fall. Its taste is subtle but good. If it gets sweeter after my frosts it will be even better. I'm going to have try try the crispy oven baked kale too. Next time!

    our friend Ben, thanks!

    Frances, most of the damage is in the outside leaves. Only a few of those dratted slugs got into the head. I think farmer's market posts would definitely qualify. Sadly my farmers markets close down at the end of October. I'll have lots to harvest in October (at least I'm hoping), broccoli, Chinese cabbage, tatsoi, komatsuna, kale, carrots and leeks. Oh and lettuce. Can't forget the beautiful bed of lettuce. If only there were tomatoes to go with it. Maybe I'll go for the more oriental salads with mandarin oranges and cashews. Or buy a tomato from the farmers' market. And yes I'm a very goal oriented person. I try not to set too many of them because I can overdo it when I won't let them go. Weirdly I'm also a very laid back person too. Nothing upsets me much (except when the rest of the family has problems).

    Stefaneener, :> I hope you do. It doesn't take much organization. You can cheat and do it on the weekend if you want and just link up on Monday. Or do it late. Other have done that too.

    miss m, thanks!

    Michelle, It always amazes me how much I get for a lot of fun work. I really like being outside and the garden gives me a great excuse. It is great therapy too when my family is having issues which is about the only thing that stresses me out these days. I'm hoping next year the weather is better and I can see what the garden can really do.

    I really wish I could do a farmer's market report. Last week I bought nothing since my husband was out of town and the egg lady was out of eggs ever only an hour and half ahhhh. Sadly I can't get to the market when it opens on Weds (I usually work the store on Wed). I get there about 3:30. This is the first time it has happened. If she has them this week still I'm buying two dozen. I'm also going to stock up on free range hamburger.

  9. Hehe free range hamburger. That should be grass fed, but I guess they eat grass if they are free range too.

  10. I think any harvest right now is a good one. I really need to remember to take pictures of my harvests, so I can participate.

  11. Congratulations on just about hitting the 200lb mark! I just rolled over 100lbs on my 163sqf, would be a lot better if it wasn't for blight! Your Asian cabbage looks wonderful, what is its future? It would make some really nice pot stickers, yum.

  12. I am glad that you are willing to keep on with Harvest Mondays. I look forward to seeing what others are growing and I had fun participating this year. Thank you.

    Congrats on the 200 pound goal. That's amazing!

  13. Do keep on with your harvest Mondays. Even though I haven't read that many of them, I enjoy the ones I have. Congratulations on your award and on reaching your 200 lb goal!!

  14. I am impressed, your harvest this season has been fabulous. I hope mine will be better next year, now that I have learned from my experience this year, and know a little more about growing veggies.

  15. Congratulations on almost reaching 200 lbs.! I should take out the almost because I'm sure you will make it. I'm now regretting not growing any root vegetables this year. But I'm interested in seeing how you'll make the harvest posts last.

  16. EG, that is why I plant the fall garden. I'd have nothing if not for the cool weather plants.

    Dan, thanks. Congrats on you 100lbs. The cabbage went into a stir fry and an Asian salad. I've never made pot stickers. I do get them when we go out to eat sometimes, but they always are filled with pork. I've never had vegetable ones.

    GrafixMuse, Thanks.

    Mary Delle, Thanks.

    keewee, experience helps a lot. There is so much advice out there about how to grow things, but you always have to find out what happens where you garden. It is always different.

    Sally, I should have planted some radishes too, but totally forgot about them. Ah well. It happens.

  17. I make them with wonton or eggroll wrappers from the store. Fill them with a mix of chinese cabbage, green onion, garlic, pork, soy sauce & sesame oil. Cook them in a pan w/ water until just about cooked through. Then discard any excess water, if any and add oil. Fry until the bottom browns and serve with a soy, rice vinegar & green onion sauce mix.

  18. Daphne, that Chinese Cabbage looks amazing! You'll have to tell me how it tastes. Also, how long did it take to get to that size?

    I forgot to take harvest pictures last week. Rats!

  19. I love Chinese cabbage because it is always mild and slightly sweet. The plants were seeded inside on June 10th and potted up at the beginning of July. They were put out into the garden on July 21st. So they took about two and a half months after being put into the garden.