Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Snow Again


Sunday night we had snow again. I think we got about an inch before it stopped. I figured it would be melted by the morning but at 8:30am it was still there so I had to take a couple of photos. Sadly I really wanted a photo of my lettuce bed. It was so pretty in the snow, but none of them came out. They were all blurry. Really dark mornings are not the best for photography.

The Chard looks happy with the weather.

My remay row covers don't hold up well to snow. They tend to collapse. These hoops are over the spinach. I think I'll remove the hoops before the ground freezes and just lay the remay on top of the spinach.

The snow finally did melt, but not until after 2pm. It is getting really cold out there. I was going to do some digging yesterday, but it was just too cold and damp. I need better weather for some motivation to get outside. Luckily the weathermen say it is warming up for the next few days.


  1. Oh goodness, although all your plants look happy enough!

  2. Gosh, snow again. Rather unusual to say the least. Lots of frost here but no snow yet. I can't say I'm looking forward to it.
    You're right, the chard seems perfectly content (and the green really pops against the snow, doesn't it ? lol. Nice pic !)
    We're having a break from the cold at the moment and another is forecast for next week. The breaks are much appreciated. Hang in there !

  3. It must snow alot where you live! Maybe a different hoop setup would work?

  4. Oh no Daphne! It is even colder than here up in the north. I have
    +6,5 C and 90% humidity, it is quite cold. I have been a good girl today and recycled (cleaned) +300 pots :-)

  5. Oh, I was wondering if you got snow when I saw the Patriot's game on Sunday.I see that you did. Makes for beautiful pictures, but I am sure you are glad it melted.

    No snow here, but we did have a bit of rain from the edge of the nor'easter.

  6. Oh Daphne, so much snow :(

    You might try 6" concrete reinforcing mesh to support your row cover. I used it this summer to support a cover over my bean seedlings to keep the critters out, you can see it here:


    The 6" mesh is nice because it provides more support but the openings are large enough to get your hands through easily. I also use it to make my tomato cages.

  7. More snow, Daphne?!! What on earth are the weather gods thinking?! They're playing with us this year for sure. At leats your thyme and chard look defiant, and I know the spinach is cozy and safe under its somewhat dilapidated tunnel. (Looks aren't everything, after all!) Let's hope we get an Indian summer to make up for this rotten weather!

  8. A-mazing. My children would envy you. We have to drive to our snow. The chard does look happy -- odd green!

    Maybe you could do an a-frame snow chalet for your Remay?

  9. WOW Daphne - I can't believe you got more snow than we did! You should really consider getting PVC from Home Depot to replace your hoops. A 10 foot long PVC conduit cost me $1.05. For added stability, drive it a foot into the ground. I'm just concerned that if you lay the row cover directly on top of the spinach, the parts touching the row cover may get frost bitten.

  10. Holy Moly! It's just too early to be getting snow - or at least that much anyway. Your garden seems to have fared well though.

  11. Not more snow, an inch is alot for Oct. Good to hear your weather is warming for the next few days. It is warming up here to, looks like above seasonal until Sun. I better get my garden work done.

  12. I'm echoing Dan. Gotta get out there and finish doing what I need to do. Once snow comes, that's it for me.

  13. Jan luckily they were all happy with it. The carrots got a bit smooshed by the snow but popped back up.

    Miss M, we are getting a small break from the cold right now. It will be in the 60s for the next couple of days. Now if I can find some time to get out there. I think I will tomorrow.

    EG, some years we get barely any snow and it rains all winter long. Some years we get a lot. Our record is just over 100 inches, but that is unusual.

    Tyra, Oh it is sad when we are colder then in your latitude. Good job on the pots. I've been slowly cleaning things as I go along, but so many less to clean this year with my soil blocks. I like that.

    GrafixMuse, I heard that the snow was isolated around here. I find it weird that you got rain and we got snow.

    Michelle, I might try that. Right now I'm not buying any big new things for the garden. I don't know where I'll end up living so don't know if I'll be able to store things. Sadly I'll have to buy tomato cages next spring. I'll probably buy collapsible ones.

    our friend Ben, this year has had some of the weirdest weather. We had lots of colder weather. Last winter we had a lot of snow. Last June was freezing (our hottest day before July was in April) and now a frost two weeks early and snow. Very strange.

    Stefaneener, lol yup my kids would have loved it if they were still small. They would have made a snowman.

    Thomas, our little hill really piles on the snow compared to the surrounding area. The remay doesn't tend to freeze the plants like plastic does. It is more like cloth and insulating. I won't use plastic.

    kitsapFG, it is too early for snow.

    Dan, we might even get to 70 on Thursday, but I think the weatherman is just being overly optimistic.

    Cheryl, I'm hoping to still harvest my kale when it is snowing, well unless I eat it all beforehand. Too bad I only have two dwarf plants. next year I'm planting more I hope.

  14. I can't believe we're in the same metropolitan area! We've only had snowfall on Sunday, and no accumulation. It's just much too early no matter what. It reached 70 today in Boston for about an hour or 2. Love that New England weather...