Sunday, April 4, 2010


I've been totally remiss because I've been too busy. Robin who is my partner in the Get Growing series set up a giveaway of seeds. I'm supposed to pick a winner from my site. I was supposed to put up the info then, but didn't. So I'll copy her text here and do it now.

We are very excited to offer a giveaway this month sponsored by Hometown Seeds. We will select one winner from our site, and Robin will also select one winner. The prize is an amazing assortment of vegetable seeds from Hometown's Survival Seed collection, a total of sixteen packages of vegetable seeds ranging from beets and pole beans to butternut squash, cucumber, zucchini and sweet peppers. The winner will receive almost a pound and a half of seeds, specially packaged to keep a minimum of 5 years. All the vegetable varieties are non-hybrids which is wonderful if you like to collect and save seeds.

To qualify, you must live in the continental U.S. and you must post a comment here at any time between now and April 15th and mention the Hometown giveaway. If you post a comment, please enable us to reply so we can retrieve your details if you are the winner. Seeds will be shipped directly to the winner from Hometown Seeds later this month.

I think US law makes me say that I'm not being paid for mentioning them and not receiving anything personally. So there we go. Hopefully after Tuesday my life will almost get back to normal for a few weeks. My house will be on the market April 6th so all the work has to be completed by then. Then I can devote more time to gardening again. Yay! This should include both the garden from this house and designing the garden for the next house. I can't wait. It is much more fun than painting, fixing up, and cleaning.


  1. The Hometown Seeds giveway is a great idea. After having such bad luck with my peppers last year (due to a mislabeling fiasco I'm pretty sure I used the seeds/seedlings from a grocery store pepper which was probably a hybird) I now understand the wisdom of using good quality seeds. Thanks for the contest,

  2. I've read about those Survival Seeds - very cool idea....although I'd feel incredibly guilty if I won them and then screwed them up by killing them off in my garden! Still...would be fun to win!

  3. A whirlwind of activity must be going on in your house as you prepare to move and place your house on the market. Whew! I am getting tired just thinking about it. I am sure you can't wait until you are settled into your new home and start your new garden.

    Thanks so much for having a Hometown Seeds givaway. I would love to be included for a change to win.

  4. ohh! I'd love to enter the Hometown giveaway!

    thank you!
    lovemeknotcreations@ gmail dot com

  5. Oh my. Garden planning is much more fun than all that painting, fixing, etc. Especially since you know you aren't going to be receiving the benefit of all that fixing...
    Except, of course, when the house sells.

  6. Oh I have heard lots of good things about Hometown Seeds. I would love to try these. Please enter me.

  7. I thought I posted earlier today, but was really distracted so maybe I didn't hit publish...

    The whole concept of Survival Seeds is very intriguing, and I'd love to take part in your giveaway.

  8. Oooh me, me! With my growing tribe I may realy need those seeds! Thanks for the fun contest.

  9. Thats awesome giveaway, Hometown seeds and packed to last 5 years. It fun to be part of the contest. I am in.

  10. Starting a new garden would be great to have hometown seeds to start off right. Sounds like enough to share..

  11. Just learned about Suvival Seeds and think they are a great idea! Would love to enter the Hometown giveaway.
    Thanks so much!

  12. I just started growing vegetables from seed this year. I'd love to win the Hometown Seeds giveaway.

  13. I would love to win the Hometown Giveaway! Thanks for offering it.


  14. Hi Just came here from over at Jody's Paw Paw Patch. She told me to check out some of the blogs she mentions so here I am.

    The seed giveaway sounds great. Put me down for an entry. The Hometown give away would be right up my alley. I am new at all of this gardening stuff but really want to learn.

    I am here in SE Ala, so we have a great hot growing season.

    I can be reached at

    Will probably have questions later.

    Thanks so much. Now to read more on your blog.

  15. Daphne~

    I have your blog on the right hand column of my blog for a year or two now and when I see you planting things I know my time will come soon. You are in a warmer climate than I (Im Zone 5 - Chicago), so its nice to go to your blog to see if Im on track with what Im doing, it also gives me a kick in the pants if Im late!! ; )
    I would love love love to win the Hometown seed giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! And for being there with your advice and blog!

  16. The Hometown Seeds giveway is awesome please accept my entry!

  17. A very good friend helped me start my very first garden last weekend for my birthday! We still have lots of room so winning the Hometown Seeds giveaway would be very helpful.

    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!