Monday, April 5, 2010

Harvest Monday - 5 April 2010

No harvests yet. I keep thinking I need to have a greenhouse in the new house. If for nothing else, I need it so I can be a proper hostess of Harvest Monday. But no. I had a spot all picked out for a small one against the back wall. Then the next time we went he had put in the air conditioning units. Two huge monstrosities in the only place possible. Now I'm thinking little mini hoop houses like Thomas and Dan have. Time will tell if it really happens.

I was eating from the stores again this week at least a little. Thursday I had been cleaning all day. My husband was off on a business trip and I really didn't feel like making dinner. So I scrounged in the freezer and found some garden goodness all tucked away.

You can't beat minestrone soup for a taste of the garden in winter. I had forgotten I still had that down there. I still have one more batch. It won't get eaten right now because we have been having record breaking hot weather in the last couple of days and it is going to continue at least through Thursday. But last Thursday it really hit the spot.

If you have a harvest or have been eating your harvests up in some way, add your name and URL to Mr. Linky below and show us yours.


  1. 18 varieties of fruits and vegetables ready for harvest today in my Florida garden.

  2. It must be really exciting to plan out a new gardening spcae. I'm still at this stage myself, althugh I wish I didn't have thick lawn to contend with.

    Since ionly starting gardening last falling, I don't have anything stocked away. Hopefully that will all change this year.

  3. Having unheated greenhouse, or a hoop house, is great addition to the garden. Although you cant expect harvest every week of winter.
    As I see now, the best thing about a greenhouse is exactly this time of year - weather is reasonably warm, veggies are all planted months ago and now they are finally growing and producing enough for a good harvest.

  4. I certainly love my greenhouse, though I gardened for many years without one. I do get harvests from mine year round, plus it's a great place for seedlings and potted plants.

    It's been hot here too but your soup looks yummy!

  5. Thanks for answering my question in last week's Harvest Monday. I had started a similar spreadsheet last year but some how never finished it. I have all the information, I just need to fill it in, etc. Hopefully I'll find the time!

  6. I LOVE minestrone soup. There are so many veggies from my garden that I can add. How do you make your minestrone?

    I only have kale in my garden. It's the second year for my asparagus and it's too skinny to harvest. I included a link to toasted kale. I'm new to kale and one of my neighbors suggested that I try toasting my kale with a little olive oil and sea salt. I used a seasoned sea salt and it was delicious. It turned out crunchy with a sweet, savory saltiness that I love.

  7. I love soup, any kind of soup, I would like to have a big bowl of soup now.

    My low tunnel has helped in extending the harvest and protect the new seedlings from gusty winds.

  8. Minestrone is really a bowl of love for me. My mom makes it every time we visit. I like that it can vary by season, and it's filling and good.

  9. That's a delicious re-harvest, and a great quick fix for dinner. I'm the same way when DH has to work late. We usually eat whatever is left over or quick & easy.

    I'm feeling the need for a mini green house too. I'm sure I could squeeze it in somewhere (and convince DH to let me have one HA).

  10. It's so much work to move! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your house sells fast! Your wonderful garden space should be a selling point as lots of people are gardening now and will appreciate all the work you've done.

  11. The soup looks really tasty, and I suppose you'll maybe need to use up some of your stocks of preserves ready for your move.

  12. Grower Jim, you have so many wonderful things right now in your garden. I'm surprised the citrus is still producing. I think of it as a winter crop.

    Thomas, I'm sure you will get lots stocked away this year.

    vrtlarica, I would love to get any harvest over the winter. I know I can if I plant more kale. It survived the winter well. But I'd love to have fresh lettuce and Asian greens longer in the fall and spring.

    villager, I would love a greenhouse for seedlings. I wonder which one would win the space. The seedlings or the lettuce.

    Jody, I kept a sheet that I recorded harvests on in the kitchen and once a week I filled in the spreadsheet. It didn't take long at all.

    Katie, I wrote the post about my minestrone a while back
    for another harvest Monday.

    Mac, I think that is what I'll have to do. Low tunnels are really easy to build and cheap. So I'll probably go with them.

    Stefaneener, I don't think I ever had it growing up. My son loves it though, so I make it for him when he comes home.

    Momma_S, When I have fresh veggies in the summer I'll often cook just for me, but with just frozen stuff it doesn't seem worth the effort. I can't wait for the spring veggies to start producing.

    A Kitchen Garden in Kihei Maui, it is a lot of work. I hope I don't move for another 20 years after this move.

    Jan, that is true. I ought to start eating out of the freezer more. I hadn't even thought of that yet.

  13. The soup looks so good right now. It's been raining and chilly here so the soup would hit the spot tonight.

  14. Soup looks wonderful! Plus I am sure it was easy to prepare quickly so you could get back to work on getting your house ready to sell.

    I had my first harvest tonight and am so happy to be able to participate in "Harvest Mondays" again!

  15. Soup is such a great meal!

    I am hoping you can find a small space for a greenhouse. I love mine and don't know how I gardened all those year's before without it. I know you would similarly get real value from one.

  16. michelle, you are getting cool, but we are having a heat wave. Right now they are predicting 85 for tomorrow. I really can't believe it. We never have this kind of heat at the beginning of April. I think our weather has gone all wonky these last couple of years.

    GrafixMuse, I anticipate I'll have the same harvest for next week. I'm hoping.

    kitsapFG, I'm thinking just hoops right now. I really can't see any good place for a greenhouse even a small one. That is OK though. I'll be happy with some good hoops. Maybe I'll even make a real coldframe.

  17. Hi Daphne, the weather is definitely wonky. We had an early spring heat wave a year or so back that did in my fruit blossoms. This wacky weather with global climate change will begin causing crop failures, which is one reason why I diversified my garden more this year. Hope you get your hoop house if not a greenhouse in your new digs.