Monday, July 12, 2010

Harvest Monday - 12 July 2010

What a fabulous harvest week. The last of the spring vegetables were picked and pulled up. Namely the peas with a few turnips thrown in. These are not anywhere close to all the peas that were picked but the others were camera shy. I've sent a couple of containers like the above over to my townhouse mates as there is no way for me to eat them all.

While I was cleaning out the spent spring veggies at the old house I noticed that the summer veggies were starting to come in. There were two slightly overgrown zucchini. They are still a good size, but I usually pick them smaller. Lots of cucumbers had come in too. The beans were also camera shy in this one. I seem to have left a lot of photos out, but no matter as I have too many anyway. It was a good week for harvests.

Not to be outdone the new garden decided to start producing the summer veggies too. There is a lot of overlap between the two gardens as I hadn't a clue as to when the house would sell. Right now it looks like the closing will be moved up to tomorrow so today will be the last day for me to get things cleaned up and harvested. The cukes above were all turned into pickles and canned.

Since I was making pickles I harvested a lot of dill and some little onions too. I don't have any dill at the new house. I tried to put it in between the beans and the cucumbers. It came up and got to about three inches before it died. I think it couldn't compete well enough for water with the larger plants and it has been very dry for a couple of weeks.

The old garden has a patch of butternuts that are growing like crazy. I picked eight blossoms but didn't even come close to getting them all. The foliage is very thick but underneath is just covered in orange blooms. Mostly they are male but there were a couple of females and one little butternut I saw that had already set. I know I can't harvest it, but I still get a thrill seeing them.

Earlier in the week the new garden gave me chard and tons of basil. I have all the basil I need for the freezer. What am I going to do with the rest? It just keeps growing this year.

  • Alliums 0.78 lbs
  • Beans 0.39 lbs
  • Cucurbits 4.76 lbs
  • Greens 1.27 lbs
  • Herbs 1.08
  • Peas 2.36
  • Pepper 0.05
  • Turnip 0.11
  • Spent this week: $0
  • Total harvested this week 10.96 lbs
  • Total for the year 37.84 lbs
  • 2010 Tally -$111.23

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. Those cucumbers look fantastic! What kind are they?

  2. My harvests this week are similar, the overlap of the spring and summer veggies. I'm still waiting on the cucumbers. They've been blooming for a while but maybe the lack of water has prevented them from sizing up the fruit.

    Your ribbed zucchini are lovely. What is the variety?

  3. Great harvest Daphne. It looks like you've been busy. The cucumber looks like an interesting variety. I wish I had grown some pickling cucumbers this year. Oh well. Maybe you can share your recipe with the rest of us.

  4. I am sure today will be bittersweet saying goodbye to the old garden. Looks like the new garden is serving you very well.

  5. Wonderful variety of veggies!
    Cucumbers do look good, are they all for pickling or you eat them fresh also?

  6. I remember all the last minute harvests very well. I moved a few years ago at about this time, and I was picking blackberries till the very end.

    I think it's better to have too much basil than too little!

  7. Hopping back and forth between two gardens must keep you very busy! Do you do anything with the dill flowers, or did they just get cut along with the rest of the dill? I'm tickled to see your picture of squash blossoms. I had a couple myself this week!

  8. Enjoy your last day at the old garden, remembering all the deliciousness and pleasure it gave you. Cheers to the new garden, may you get as much pleasure from it over the coming years.

  9. Daphne, everything is looking so good. I am sure you have mixed emotions about the closing. I hope the new owners will be blessed by your garden. Now... what are you going to do with all you EXTRA time now that you won't be running between the two gardens?

  10. Oops... I goofed or something went wrong. My link goes to last week's post instead of this week's. Here is the right one.

  11. What a great haul you had this week! I am anxiously waiting for my cucumbers to get going with producing fruits. Enjoy that basil! My basil plants are all ailing because our start to summer was so wet and cool - they just could not handle it and are so pathetic looking that I should probably just pull them and put them out of their misery.

  12. What a great haul you had this week! I am anxiously waiting for my cucumbers to get going with producing fruits. Enjoy that basil! My basil plants are all ailing because our start to summer was so wet and cool - they just could not handle it and are so pathetic looking that I should probably just pull them and put them out of their misery.

  13. Wow! All of those cucumbers and zucchini look awesome! I haven't gotten any yet but I am looking forward to them!
    We made pickles this weekend from a big bag of farmers market cukes.

    I harvested the last of the edible romaine before pulling up the last bunch that was too bitter to eat. I also got a few handfuls of golf ball sized beets!

    I'm looking forward to the summer crops now that all the lettuce and most beets are gone.
    Now I just need to start planning out what to plant for the fall!

  14. Daphne, as I read your post... I felt a twinge of sadness over your old garden. I hope the new owners will appreciate all the hard work spent in developing those beds!

    Wonderful harvest!!! I wish my swiss chard would grow!

    You inspired me to try it last year... yum... it's one of my favorite greens now!!!

  15. Ribbit, Diamant. They are a parthenocarpic variety from Johnnys. I never have to worry about them getting fertilized because they don't need to be to set cukes. Plus when they get a bit too old and I pick them, they don't have hard seeds in them. The flaw is that I can't save seed.

    Emily, I've started watering my cukes more often than the rest of the garden. They seem to size up better and faster that way. The zucchini is Costata Romanesco. I like it a lot, but it seems to be having issues this year setting fruit. I should be overwhelmed with five zukes in the ground (three at the old place and two at the new). But the female blossoms tend to die before they open. I wonder if they hate the heat.

    Thomas, I was going to do that last week, but no time. Hopefully I'll get my pickle post out this week.

    GrafixMuse, it is.

    vrtlarica, I eat them fresh too, but when I'm doing a pickle batch all of the cukes go into it to fill up more jars.

    villager, I should be picking raspberries, but a couple of blue jays found the berries at the old house. Fifteen years I picked berries there and never had the birds eat them (chipmunks yes, birds no). Ah well.

    thyme2garden, I use the dill flowers in my pickles. I put in flowers, leaves and seed to flavor it. At least if I have all three.

    henbogle, I'm sure I'll love the new garden once it is up.

    debiclegg, I've fixed it so it is just the new one now. I think I'll be able to breath with the extra time. It is just too crazy right now.

    kitsapFG, my basil was like that last year. It was too wet to grow. I didn't get any to save in the freezer then.

    Fred, I wish I had a fall garden, but not this year. Most of my new garden won't be ready until September and I have to plant in July (right now for broccoli and cabbage) and August (spinach). I'm not sure what I can plant in September and still have it produce. Maybe overwintered spinach.

    Toni, I so love Swiss chard. It just grows like crazy out here. I think it love all the water it gets naturally. I've got to remember to side dress it sometime soon though. I haven't been keeping up with everything.

  16. Daphne, what a great harvest you had this week! I'm sure the new owners will love the gift of your garden. Most houses wouldn't have that. Do you have a favorite recipe you use for the blossoms? I might be needing to figure something out here. I planted 4 sets of 3-4 plants. So far not overwhelmed, and still have friends, but it's early in the season!

  17. It looks fantastic. I'd like to grow enough cucumbers some year for real pickles. We'll see if this year can make enough to at least try them.

  18. Greate harvest. I'm always having some kind of envy, today it's cucumber envy. I'm proud to say, though, I finally got some picking cucumber plants growing.

    Are the new owners gardeners? Any clue from them if they'll keep up what you started?

    I harvested corn. Yay!!

  19. Cheryl needs new glasses. "Great" harvest and "pickling" cucumbers :-)

  20. Look at those lovely cucumbers! Beautiful! I can taste them by looking at them.

  21. Beautiful as usual and I am sure you will have a little extra time after this week. I would love to know what you do with the squash blossoms. Tempura? Soup? My butternut set one fruit after having 4 promising ones. Three died and now the plant is putting out loads of male blossoms.

  22. What an impressive harvest for the week between the two gardens!

    You're toasted tomato sandwich inspired me - it looked so good! I've been making various toasted tomato sandwiches with cheese for the past three days (and I'm still not tired of them). I plan to have some variation everyday for my mid-morning breakfast. Maybe I can put a dent in the sea of tomatoes currently sitting on the kitchen counter :)

  23. That is a gorgeous harvest! Pesto is a great way to use up some of that basil.

    It must be a little sad for you to leave the old garden behind. But how wonderful that you've got the new one up and producing so quickly, you won't have a gap in the harvests.

  24. You have quite the impressive harvest of cucumbers. We are averaging 1 cucumber every 2 days. I love growing them, it's so easy!

  25. your cucs looks great and those blossoms look beautiful!

  26. I wish I had as many pickling cucumbers as you, I guess I will plant more next year!!

  27. Boy, your cucumbers are sure ahead of mine! I don't care though, 'cause I don't like them and I'm not doing pickles this year...too many left from last year.

    Thanks for sending those Fortex beans. I had my first harvest of them this week, and wish I'd planted twice as many. They are really good, and won the taste test against the Contender bush beans.

  28. Beautiful harvest! Will you eat your butternut blossoms? My mom used to batter and fry pumpkin blossoms. We ate them with maple syrup. Yum!

  29. Fabulous harvest. My peas are doing extra well this year.

  30. Beautiful and great harvest!
    I've been picking squash blossoms also, we don't need that many squashes.
    Now you can relax a bit and have fun in planting your new garden.

  31. Great looking harvest! Sounds like you have been busy. Your cucumbers look great. My cucumbers are just starting I was wondering if the downy mildew would get them before I would get any cucumbers.

  32. The cucumbers are amazing! Mine are just starting to produce. Time for pickles!

  33. Daphne, I was scanning through the posts to see if you had responded to my question and glanced read "damnit" instead of what you really posted.

    For a split second I imagined it reading, "Damn it, Ribbit, I already told you that once."

  34. great cucs! I just started pickling mine too! what kind did you make? I made bread & butter from smitten kitchen
    they are delicious!!

  35. yum! i'm growing butternuts for the first time this year. i agree - it really is quite fulfilling to see the fruit setting.

    my basil is going crazy too. what kind of quantities do you freeze it in? a friend of mine makes a complete pesto and freezes it in ice-cube trays - one cube is just right for a quick bowl of pasta.

  36. Great harvest! Your squash blossoms look great. I've had a lot lately, as well, but I've been a bit too timid to pick them. I might just have to suck it up and give stuffed squash blossoms a try very, very soon.

  37. This is a big one, D! Don't know how you are staying on top of TWO gardens, but I'm glad that the new owners are going to take over your gardening area- good for you for keeping it up!

  38. Holy Cucurbits, Bat Girl! That's an awesome cucumber harvest! Congrats.

  39. Looks like you got a nice batch of cucumbers for pickles! I can't wait to make some, but my plants are young and are still working on it. What kind of pickles do you make? I love dill and bread and butter.

  40. What a nice parting gift from your old garden, the first summer vegetables. And your new garden seems to be very productive already, you seem to have gotten it out to a great start. Good for you!

    My garden is still stuck in spring mode. It seems that the heat is finally coming. Last week we were bellow 60 at noon!

  41. Very nice harvest! I pretty much missed harvest Monday, well, cause I was out harvesting! LOL! :) Out at a local u-pick farm and at our own house!

  42. What a HARVEST!! From the looks of your next post, you put those cucumbers to good use!! :)

  43. I'll try to get to at least the comments on questions. I finally got caught up on looking at all the harvests.

    Dirt Lover, johanna, Melissa, no favorite recipe. I often shred them and put them over my salad for color. Sometimes I put them in my quesadillas. I have done the whole fried squash blossom thing, but I don't deal well with fried food so I can eat about one of them before I've had enough, which just isn't worth it. What I want to do is make a baked stuffed blossom with cornbread and cheese stuffing. That sounds good. There is one out there on the web like this, but I think I want to make once tailored for me. Though Melissas comment made me want to do a sweet one too with maple syrup.

    Cheryl, the new owners are not gardeners, but they want to be. I gave them a "How to Grow More Vegetables" at the closing.

    Annie's Granny, you're welcome. I love the taste too, but still love Kentucky Wonder better. Though you can't beat Fortex for looks. They are fabulous.

    Ribbit, lol Damn it Ribbit, read the post better ;>

    alizardinthegarden and Manda, I just did a post on that Tuesday since so many wanted to know.