Monday, July 5, 2010

Harvest Monday - 5 July 2010

I've been off camping over the holidays. I'll be home today. I'm sure it was great fun. But I'm wrote this on Thursday for all of you.

Before I left I harvested a lot of peas (not all shown). The snowpeas are ripening very quickly. If I pick everyday it is good, but I don't. I'm sure when I get back a lot will have to be tossed. The snap peas are mercifully slower for me as I can't get out to the old house often enough. The raspberries are mostly picked out before I get there, but occasionally I get a little harvest.

I'm shocked that the Yakatta-Na (above right) has held up through all the heat. Most of the other Asian greens bolted weeks ago. These held for three weeks once they seemed full grown. Maybe they would have held more, but I've been picking one once a week for the last month and it seemed a good idea to get that last one picked. The taste has held up well too. It does get more mustardy as time goes on, but never unpleasant.

I found two more cukes hiding in the foliage. I decided since I was taking off for a camping trip I'd toss them into the pickling brine in the fridge (I always have some). As I was slicing I ate one of the spears and oh it was so sweet. Yum.

As I was picking the chard under the row cover at the old house, I discovered more turnips that were ready. I was sure no more could possibly be there in the heat, bu there they were. If only I had lettuce to eat them with. My lettuce has all bolted. I had none this last week. I've been trying to stretch out what I got from the week before. It is almost gone. Soon it will be cucumber salads for me, which I just adore, but I'll miss that lettuce. I might have to add it to my shopping list at the farmers market.

  • Peas 1.18 lbs
  • Berries 0.18 lbs
  • Broccoli 0.1 lbs
  • Turnips 0.09 lbs
  • Cucumbers 0.75 lbs
  • Greens 0.94 lbs
  • Spent this week: $0
  • Total harvested this week 3.23 lbs
  • Total for the year 26.87 lbs
  • 2010 Tally -$160.67

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. My lettuce also bolted, but we started harvesting cucumbers. So, we will have some nice salads. Only if we could get those tomatoes to ripen faster...

  2. I hope that you enjoyed your weekend of camping. It's the best way to really relax.

    It would be so nice to have nice spring lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes at the same time :)

  3. Hope your trip was safe!

    You all really inspire me to try more peas. I'll put them in and see how they do this fall.

  4. Daphne - can you post the recipe for your pickling brine? I could do that with some of these cucumbers. Thanks.

  5. I'm coveting those snap and snow peas. I planted mine too late this year, not realizing they like cooler weather. I'll try again in the Fall.

  6. You have inspired me to try refrigerator pickles this year. The cucumbers are vining and I saw a tiny female fruit/flower on one of the plants - so if we get the warmer weather promised for this week, I think they will really take off. Your greens are really hanging in there well this year and the snow peas look delicious.

  7. I'm envious of all your greens, peas, and the rest of your harvest! Thanks for the inspiration for me to keep growing my vegetables better.

  8. Beautiful harvests as always. I hope you had a glorious camping trip!

  9. I hope you enjoyed your camping trip. Lovely harvests as always.

  10. Those are some fat little cucumbers! :)

  11. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

    Good to know there's heat tolerant leafy greens. I'll have to grow Yakatta-Na along side with an Asian green seeds I just bought, the picture shown on the seed envelope looks like Yakatta, but it's called something else in Chinese.

  12. I have really been enjoying reading your blog and finally got to join your Monday Harvest. I hope you have a great camping trip.

  13. Nice Harvest...I am jealous of the raspberries. I may have said that before, but it's true!

  14. I'm curious about your "always in there" picking brine! Do you have it in a big jar and just pull out a spear as you need it or what? I'd love to be able to do that!

  15. vrtlarica, if only. I know in a month I'll have plenty, but right now I'm dying for them.

    Robin, it was great fun. We didn't get a drop of rain which is unusual. Usually it rains on us at least once if not more.

    Ribbit, They are so good. I bought a whole bunch camping with me and handed them out to the group for lunch. They were quite tasty.

    Marcia, yes I have it up already.
    I'll probably do another pickle post with a repeat at some point this year.

    Melissa, good luck with your fall peas. My fall peas are never as prolific, but still quite loved.

    kitsapFG, I couldn't imagine summer without pickles. I just love them too much. Sadly the rest of the family doesn't since they are so easy to make.

    thyme2garden, henbogle, Emily, Megan, thanks

    Mac, there are a lot of names for it they used to call it Yukosai Bitamin-Na. No clue as to why they changed it. It is probably different names in different languages.

    Jeana, thanks

    Shawn Ann, I so love raspberries. Summer and fall are great because I get to have them on my cereal all the time.

    Taylor, pretty much. I usually have a couple of big jars in the fridge (sometimes more) with brine in them. When I harvest cukes I just toss them in (unless I want to can them). Once the jar fills up I move to another one and eat from the old jar. They keep a very long time. I don't have to salt the cukes beforehand either like when you can them. But they have to stay refrigerated. Right now my jar has snap peas and cukes in it. I make the brine when I harvest the dill usually.

  16. What a wonderful, varied harvest for the week!

  17. I'm late to the harvest monday party thanks to traffic trying to get off of Cape Cod this afternoon.
    More Greens this week, more Dill, a baby beet, and 2 baby carrots. Finally some non-greens/herbs!

  18. I'm ripping out my snow peas later this week. Frankly, we're tired of them and they've produced well for us this year. Wish I had a nicer way to say thanks.

    I'll have to look into growing that Asian green next year. I wouldn't even consider growing pak choi right now.

  19. We're at the end of our lettuce, too, but our cucumbers are starting to produce. Last year we had so many cukes... looking forward to it again this year :) I love pickles, and finally figured out how to make them last year, so I'm itching to harvest enough to make them again.

  20. foodgardenkitchen, thanks

    Fred, I'm late in reading all the posts. I hope to get to do that today after work and a few this morning.

  21. Daphne, thanks for the tip on the jar of brine in the frig. Great idea, and also to put the dill in when you harvest it. This is the first year I have grown dill, and it is ready long before my cukes!

  22. I wish I was still getting peas.. they saw their end last weekend.

  23. Yes, say more about the pickling brine, thanks.

  24. Thanks for the pickling recipe. I printed it off. Now I know what to do with my dill.

  25. Thomas, I'm going to rip my peas out later this week too, but because I want my posts back and I can't imagine they will produce much after this week of heat.

    Allison, thanks

    Manda, I got barely any cukes last year. I only canned three pints of pickles. Already the cucumber harvest has been better.

    Dirt Lover, it works wonder. But I still need dill for canning later in the season. The trick works well for refrigerator pickles though.

    Sarah Ruth, and I'm picking even more this week, but the snap variety. I can't believe they are still producing in this weather.

    Karen Anne, Maybe I'll get a post out this week on that.

    Marcia, your welcome.

  26. Wow it took me until Wednesday to go through all the posts. Usually I'm done by Tuesday sometime. I guess because I started a day late, I finish a day late.

  27. I'm so happy to have found this! how wonderful to see everyone's harvests.

  28. Daphne, I am late this week - an unexpected trip out of town. I hope you had a great camping trip. My family loves to camp but it is too hot for our tent right now. If you are like me, I couldn't wait to get to my garden when I returned home.

  29. I hope I'll get cucumbers and squashes this year! Last year, zilch!

  30. I had my first big harvest of the year! I especially like Apollo broccoli because it is more tender and sweeter than other broccoli that I have had.