Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This and That

I much prefer to bike and walk so I don't own a car, but my husband does. When he goes on business trips I used to always be sad. But now without a car, I take it as an opportunity. I made a rule that when he goes he has to leave me the car. He can't leave it at the airport. So yesterday he was gone and the car was mine. I went to Home Depot to pick up bricks for my herb garden.

Though the circle is not a perfect circle, it is pretty good. I wanted the spokes to look straight and even. So I used my handy dandy bamboo measuring stick. I didn't measure anything, but it did tell me if I was straight or at least straightish.

Here is the garden finished. As soon as those herbs fill it in it will look really pretty. And though I think it would look prettier with the thymes together and the chives together, I like them separated. They like to grow together and though their leaves are different, it is easier to make sure they don't overwhelm the other if it is very easy to tell apart.

Some days good shit happens. A friend of my townhouse mates dropped off some composted horse manure. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Two 20 gallon trash barrels full. It probably isn't as good as cow manure as I think it has more weed seeds in it, but still I was thrilled.

I hadn't had enough compost to cover the garden last fall. Two of the beds had nothing. So yesterday we covered one and a half. The other, as you can see, has its pile just sitting there waiting to be spread. I'd like to pick a lot of that cilantro before I do the spreading though. Also there are just a few overwintered carrots in there that need pulling. After that I'll spread it. She asked me if I needed anymore and I said I wouldn't mind another load. I would love to have it in my empty storage bin for adding over the summer as crops get rotated.

Today is going to be in the 60Fs so it was time to start hardening off my brassicas and chard. I put them on my kitchen stairs to harden off at the start. I have a place that gives them direct morning sun but dappled midday and afternoon sun. I'll keep them there for a couple of days, bringing them in at night. They will get moved farther out every day until they are in direct sun all day long. Then I'll plant them. My cabbages are still under lights though. They are in the other tray. I might put them in a small container and bring them and the cosmos out too.


  1. I love that beautiful circle garden. And I like that you separated the thymes.

  2. your herb garden turned out perfectly! your seedling are huge!

  3. your garden is certainly coming along! I'm afraid a raised brick bed would be too hot and dry here; even for herbs, tho once I made one of sorts; a big round wash tub with a lily and some fish surrounded my various mints; the mints all grew together and various other things happened. I've taken that one out but I am wishing for a nice pond these days!

  4. Your garden looks great Daphne! There's nothing better then some good poop!!

  5. I love your circle garden. It looks fantastic! And good job on the straight lines ;-)

  6. Aren't we gardeners funny - a delivery of free manure would get me excited too!

  7. Ha! Good shit! I sure wish somebody would gift me with a load of the black gold.

    You garden looks fantastic. You are so organized! I kind of plant first and then look it over and think, "Why did I put that there?" Also. I'm totally going to try to copy your circle garden. Love it.

  8. Your circle garden with the spokes added looks really nice! Do you use chemicals on your cabbages or how do you deal with that? I have been quilty of bringing manure back from my Dad's farm in a garbage bag in the trunk of the car! Nancy at

    1. No I don't use chemicals on my cabbages. I use row covers to keep the nasties out. If I didn't I'd use Bt.

  9. A very nice garden. Mine is still asleep. My peas are just starting to peek out of the soil.

    I am starting an herb garden this summer. Yours looks good. Keep us updated as it fills in.

  10. The circle with the spokes is a great idea for separating the different types of herbs. As I was looking at it I was thinking that it would a very creative sun dial. So you'd get a yard decoration and a garden at the same time! :)