Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tour of the Spring Garden - Part 1

I was out taking photographs in the early morning light. I have way too many. So I'm breaking it up into two posts. The first will have some that are flowers. These aren't my showy flowers. These are flowering veg and fruit.

My kale going to seed. When I harvested my kale, I didn't pull the plants. I just cut the main stem way back. Well they decided to keep growing and send up flowers. I'm not collecting seed as this is a mixed batch of kale. But I'll let them bloom. It will give the bees something to eat. Not that I've seen a lot of bees. But maybe it will teach them that my garden is a good thing.

My strawberries are all in bloom. I can't wait for the big harvest this year. I really need to get some netting over them to keep out the squirrels though.

My gooseberries are blooming too. I have three varieties whose names I forget right now. I've never grown gooseberries before, but have loved gooseberry pie. I hope these are flavorful and tart. But who knows until they finally give fruit.

My blueberries are blooming. I expect I won't get much this year but anything is nice.

One of my sages is in bud. The other isn't. I've been harvesting the other quite a bit though. It is my goto sage for the kitchen. This one is farther away around the corner so it is spared.

This is a flower from one of my bunching onions. I have a 4' row all going to seed. I wasn't intending on letting them, but the onions didn't get harvested last fall. They are hybrids so they won't come true to seed. It might be fun to collect them and see what comes out.


  1. Lovely photos and I like taking pictures in the morning when I am out as well. I like the bunching onions especially!

  2. Beautiful photos! It's dark, wet and gloomy here this week so no pictures for now. I do hope for nice warm weekend.

  3. wow flowers blooming already!! So pretty!

  4. What kind of sage are you growing?

    1. It is just the typical garden sage. Nothing pretty, but it tastes good.

  5. I think its pretty! Most sage is pretty to me and it smells so good. I especially love the smell when I'm out running with my dogs through the sagebrush.

  6. And so many of those blooms are edible, I just saw a wonderful kale salad that included the flowers!