Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Walk Down My Garden Path

It is getting closer to winter here and I was noticing the light in the garden yesterday morning was so pretty. The storm is approaching, but last week was a stunning fall week. We had sunny days and the weather was mild in the 60Fs (15-20C) most of the week. I took long walks or bicycled every day.

Only the hardy crops are left. You can see the carrots in the front. Next to them is the broccoli and chard bed. The next bed down has my Asian greens and peas and lots of way too big to eat bunching onions. The last cover has my cabbages and the Brussels sprouts. The sprouts are just the size of large peas. They don't have time to produce, but I can't bear to pull them out.

The spinach seems to have gotten big enough to survive the winter. I wasn't sure if it had time. Hopefully its root system is bigger now than the leaves above.

The kale in the morning dew was so pretty. It has all grown so well, but sadly now has a bad case of aphids so you have to wash well and choose your leaves wisely. Maybe the storm will blow them all off. I can hope, can't I? (Those white dots are tiny water drops, not aphids thank goodness.)

Lono protects my herbs in the middle of my circle garden. Though come to think of it he might not be the best protector before a coming storm. I put him there because he is the god of agriculture in Hawaii (both my mom and I bought carvings when we visited, and I thought the god of agriculture was a perfect sculpture for a garden). But he is also the god that brings the rain and storms. Hopefully we will miss the worst of the storm coming up the coast. The current forecast only gives us about 2" of rain and gusts from 40-60 mph. So it looks like we will only get a glancing blow. I'll miss the beautiful weather of last week though as we will be stuck in rain for about three days.


  1. Your garden does still look very pretty. Don't you love the way the alyssum spills out over the walkway? I went ahead and pulled out a lot of mine in my fall cleanup, but I can rest assured there are a gazillion seeds out there just waiting for spring.

  2. Your garden is so pretty in all the seasons. Love your Hawaiian God garden sculpture! At least you had a full week of good weather to enjoy before the rains arrive. We have been socked in with heavy rains for days now. So much so that I found a good sized newt hanging out on my swiss chard earlier today.

  3. I do like your spinach amid the pipping - Are they for spacing rows?

    1. No. My neighborhood is cat heaven. I regularly see two different cats in the garden hunting, though in the yard I see six different ones on a regular basis. They might help with the rodents, but like to leave me unwanted gifts. Since cat poo carries parasites, I try to keep them from finding a spot to use. My soil is ALWAYS covered. I do give them a spot in the garden for them. I have a "litter box" in a protected spot for them that I clean out regularly. It isn't a real box, but it is loose soil lined with brick and in a spot that doesn't get rain. I think next year I'm going to add some sand for them.

  4. Very inspiring to see your garden all tidied up! We've three weeks worth of chores to catch up on, daunting when combined with other fall tasks.

  5. Your garden is always so neat, organized and thoughtfully laid out. I too hope we miss the worst of the storm,