Sunday, July 21, 2013


There are a lot of things that need taking care of in the garden, but the most pressing was my onions. Most of them had flopped over sometime while I was gone. Plus the weeds as you can see were taking over and the crab grass was starting to go to seed. So I took off their row cover and started pulling onions.

As the onions were pulled they got put along the path to dry. The weather said it wouldn't rain. So of course it is raining outside right now. Oh well. It will be short. I hope they dry before nightfall. I should have covered them, but I saw blue sky to the west so thought it wouldn't happen.

I still have a few onions left way back at the end of the bed. Some of the Ailsa Craig onions didn't fall. Since they are a sweet onion and don't keep well, I figured they would keep in the garden better anyway. I was hot and sweaty after I was done and really tired. I think I might last longer tomorrow.


  1. Onions look wonderful! I wish you cold send some of this rain to us - we've been two weeks dry with high 90s and everything is dying out. :(

  2. Great looking onions - nice and big. Hopefully the little bit of rain that fell on them won't be an issue.

  3. It looks like you have a gotten a very good sized onion harvest. I pulled my smaller storage onions about a week ago, but the sweet onions are still upright and growing so I am leaving them alone for the time being.