Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Planting Carrots

I cleaned out a lot of things before I left, but I didn't get to the fava beans. I needed to rip them out to put in my fall carrots. And the spot needed some serious weeding.

As I was ripping out the favas I noticed something very peculiar. The favas were sending out tillers and blooms. I find that very strange as the last two weeks have been so hot in New England. Favas are supposed to hate hot weather just like peas. And my peas that also need pulling are all dried up.

Once they were pulled I planted my carrots. I would have liked to have gotten them in a bit earlier so they would have more time to size up. They aren't in the best bed for fall sun. So they had better grow quickly. I'm hoping they germinate well as I really don't have time to reseed.

The end of the bed will be some fall peas. I don't give them much space as fall peas are always iffy. But getting a few peas in the fall is a treat.

And I finally took a photo of the cukes and zukes that were under the covers. When I untangled them I didn't know how many I would lose, but it looks like I lost only one cucumber branch. The rest are growing well. I can't wait for cukes.

The onions were brought in yesterday to cure in the dining room. I've stuck them at the end of the room near the fireplace so they won't get in the way too much. They will be annoying for a couple of weeks, but then I can braid them and put them in the basement.

And the best news is that our heat has broken and it is raining. We have only had a quarter inch of rain so far, but it is something and it will keep me from watering. Sadly it will also keep me from working in the garden today too. But I do have the cured garlic to trim up and weigh. So that will keep me busy for a short time.


  1. I really need to try once more for carrots. Only one of my plantings looks to be shaping up to give me a good crop, the last planting of three rows only sprouted one lone carrot! That will teach me not to plant them in 110 degree weather. I think I'll follow you and go for peas (snap, the ones I missed out on in the spring) and carrots.

    That sure is a lot of onions! Oh, and welcome home :-)

  2. This reminds me I need to get my tail in gear and get my own carrots planted!!

  3. I admire the way you have lined-up your onions in such neat soldierly rows! I'd do that myself - if I had any onions...
    My Broad Beans (Favas) put out secondary shoots just like yours. Must be a feature of the strange weather we have had.

  4. I'm guessing the dining room has the aroma of onions. I know our basement did when I put them down there to cure. I need to get some fall carrots planted too. There's so much to be done right about now!