Friday, May 9, 2014

Strawberry Hoops

I noticed the other day that my strawberries were starting to bloom. If I let them, the squirrels will eat them all long before I get a chance. So I had to make some more hoops.

I make them about 3 1/2' long and then bend them into the hoops. I use 9 gauge wire. I use the hoops to support some bird netting over the strawberry plants. I find if I just drape it on the squirrels will steal the strawberries through the netting. But the supports has worked so far.

I didn't have to make many. Just 7 more is all I need this year. Many of my plants are new so those won't have berries on them. But next year I might need a couple more. I like making my own rather than buying premade ones because I can make them any size that works for me. Typically you can only buy 6' premade hoops. In my garden I think I have 3 1/2', 5', 6', and 8' lengths for different things.


  1. when I saw your title Strawberry hoops I wondered why you would need hoops for Strawberries but then I soon learned why. Nancy

  2. I tried to leave comment the other day but it didn't work for some reason. I planted about 50 strawberry crowns the other day and have another 50 to go. I have no idea where I'm gonna put them. Good to know about the hoops. In my last garden, I wasn't able to get more than 1 or two strawberries at a time. I think the field mice were behind it. Hopefully that will all change this year.

  3. Squirrels are bold and incorrigible, and chipmunks are pretty effective strawberry harvesters, also! Thanks for the tip on making hoops. I didn't know what gauge wire to try, but now I'll be ready.