Saturday, May 17, 2014

Welcome Rain

I was very happy to see the rain come in last night. The last rain we had was on the 10th and we have seen some hot weather for May. We had three days in the 80Fs (over 27C). The plants were feeling the stress. I hand watered some of the beds, but not enough and not all of them.

It is amazing what rain will do for a garden. My lettuce grew by leaps and bounds overnight. I swear the Fun Jen doubled in size. It was struggling before. I wasn't worried about it as it has gone out of favor in my kitchen. Plants come into and out of favor at the drop of a hat. One year it was my favorite. Now I wonder if my townhouse mates will eat it. Sometimes I'm fickle that way.

The spinach that just wasn't growing has sped up overnight. The soil is warm. The weather is wet. Maybe it will produce this year after all.

Yesterday my onions were looking a little yellow. But they are all green again. They look so healthy now.

The cabbage bed is looking a lot healthier too. Sadly my little choy sum along the end of the bed died from lack of water. I didn't even notice them or I would have watered them. I did get two nice stalks out of the plants before they died.

And the early planted Asian greens look so lush right now. They are in their prime. I picked one of those bok choys for lunch today.

And the rubarita was pretty good last night as I listened to the rain start. Right now the rain is starting to clear out and the weekend looks lovely.

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  1. I was jumping for joy this morning at the sound of steady rain. The garden has been so parched. Your Asian greens are looking excellent. Unfortunately my tatsoi is already starting to bolt.