Saturday, July 5, 2008


Since I have no pretty pictures of what I did today (really how many pictures does one need of turning over a compost pile?), I give you a photo of an Eastern Pondhawk. Several of them were flitting about my garden yesterday, just playing.

I wasn't playing today however. I had chores to do in the garden. I've been trying to find a day to spray my garden - especially the tomatoes - earlier this week, but every day we get thunderstorms in the afternoon and it just pours. The spray would not be too useful and would all just get washed off. Yesterday I could have done it but I was off eating barbecue at a friend's house for the 4th of July. So I sprayed today and gave my tomatoes a good drink of eggshell tea. I'm crossing my fingers. We still have a good chance of rain this afternoon, but I'm hoping.

My other big chore is to turn the compost pile. I've been turning it about once a week and it is still getting pretty hot. It was doing better this week though. Last week I had it uncovered and all the rains really made it too wet (which causes it to get anaerobic and smelly), so I covered it with some old plastic. Now it is so much better. The bottom still is a little waterlogged, but there is nothing I can do about that since it is sitting on the ground. And when it rains, it rains. At least I don't have to water my compost piles right now.

There was not too much to pick today. I picked peas as always and some basil. I brought in another batch of chamomile flowers to dry. I also picked a few pumpkin blossoms for lunch since the pumpkins are flowering under their row covers. Only male blossoms so far. However totally forgot to cook them up at lunch time as I was on a zucchini eating binge. I hope they keep until tomorrow. If not there is always more.


  1. What is eggshell tea and how does it work on the tomatoes?

    Gardening chores never seem to stop sometimes. I hope you had a wonderful 4th!

  2. I take eggshells and crush and bake them in the oven (to kill any salmonella). Put them in a jar with water and let them sit for a few days. I pour off the water on my tomato plants. It gives them calcium, which helps to keep blossom end rot in check. I tend to get really bad blossom end rot here. This is the first year I'm doing eggshell tea, so I hope it works. I'm putting it on once a week.