Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Garden Overview

It is the first of July and I thought it would be nice to see my garden as it has grown this year. Sadly I only started taking photos of it in May, so there will only be two months. But frankly not much happened in April anyway.

May 8th

May 16th

May 22nd

May 28th

June 5th

June 14th

June 21st

June 30th

I wish I had a real overview. Currently the peas and cilantro block the rest of the middle row and the snapdragons and cosmos block the right hand row. But short of climbing up on the roof I can't do any better. The current view is out of my dining room window.


  1. I like the design of your garden. So much nicer than static rectangles.

    On one of the May dates I was thinking 'I'm pretty sure it snowed here that day.'

  2. I have them oriented that way because the rows go east-west. My house is not oriented to the sun, so I get some very strange angles. But it works well enough. My only problem is the weird corner I have. I really can't grow veggies in it since I can't get to it well. I have just thrown irises there so something is there that can take care of itself.