Friday, July 11, 2008

Moths and Mushrooms

Last night I was buzzed by a female peach borer, which I promptly killed even though I have no peaches. This moth is just huge. He is a little scary too since he looks so much like a wasp - actually a hornet since no 2" long insect could be a measly wasp. It was probably quite amusing if you were watching me catch the thing in a tiny little fishing net. He barely fit. Luckily for me he didn't want to leave the garden so he gave me plenty of chances.

The moths have definitely invaded my garden. The orange and black striped moth that I saw yesterday and still can't identify (maybe a lichen moth?), has brought his buddies with him. I counted three sleeping in the garden this morning. I really think I ought to be killing them. They are moths and moths do produce larva that eat plants. But I can't bring myself to do it unless I know it is really destructive. I've found lots of webworms in my garden, and most of them lived to tell about it. They really don't seem to do much damage.

The other thing I have a lot of in the garden right now are mushrooms. The above photo on the right is the one that all the squirrels love to eat, so I'm guessing it isn't too poisonous. The others they won't touch at all. Some year I ought to learn something about mushrooms, but not today. We have started to dry out recently so I'm guessing they won't last long.


  1. Love your mushroom photos - so many interesting kinds all in one property!

  2. Those are some amazing mushrooms! I've never seen some of those. My sons thought they are cool and don't even look real.

  3. I agree sometimes they don't look real in real life either. And they are so different from one another. Some are frilly delicate things and some are huge monsters.