Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Hot Day

I had to water the garden today. We have had beautiful weather. Sunny and warm. Yesterday it was in the mid 80s and we haven’t had rain for 11 days. Way too long. It is great weather to be out in the garden, but not so good for the plants.

The first cabbage worm moths visited today. They were dancing together over my brassica plants. Their antics always make me laugh. Luckily I have all my brassica family plants under a row cover. Lots of other fun insects were out too. My dog Kayla wanted to eat the bee flies and the bumble bees. I try to keep her from doing this, though it is a favorite pastime for her in the summer. She has a tendency to forget she is in MY garden and trample the plants. I can usually train her to (mostly) stay on the paths, but she is full of exuberance and just can’t contain herself. I keep telling her she is 10 years old, but she won’t believe it.

Even though my bok choi is covered, it is still getting holes chewed in it. I suspect slugs. So I sprinkled some diatomaceous earth around the plants. Hopefully this will deter them for a bit. Well at least until it rains again and that probably won’t be until Saturday night and if we are unlucky, not until Tuesday.

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