Friday, April 25, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

I was bad today. I went to Lexington Gardens to buy some herbs to add my herb bed. I got some lemon thyme, some garlic chives, “hardy” rosemary, and some chamomile seeds. Now they keep these plants in the greenhouse. So they really need to be hardened off before I put them in, but did I? No. I just plopped them right in the ground and watered them. Did I wait for evening until at least it wasn’t horribly sunny anymore? No of course not. They went in the ground at noon. Now I’m not sure that it is possible to kill garlic chives. I’ve had them before in my garden. I got tired of them self seeding all over the garden. Their little seedlings would never just pull up for me. If I pulled the stem, it would break. I always needed a trowel to pull it up. Ok so why in the world would I plant them again if I hated them before? Well I figured this time I would wait to pull up the seedlings and then when they got big enough, pull them up bulb and all and eat them that way. And of course intellectually I remember how annoying they were to me, but emotionally I’ve forgotten the pain. Gardening is a vanguard of hope.

Another chore for today was dividing one of my hostas. I needed 6 more hosta plants. I planted six blueberry plants recently and wanted the hostas to edge them. These are large blue hostas, whose names have long since been forgotten. I planted them along the rock wall on the NE side of the blueberries. Since I divided the hosta into 8 parts and put one part back, I had one more hosta plant. I had many places to put it, but finally decided to put it in the veggie garden edging my row closest to the chimney. The house has termite protection around the foundation and I have to keep the veggies at least 10 feet away from it. I’ve always planted flower there before, but the weeds from the path have a tendency to intrude. I figure the hosta is up for the challenge. Most weeds won’t have a chance against it.

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