Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grow Lights

Many years ago I used to grow all my transplants in the laundry room. Dirt and clean laundry don’t go that well together, but the laundry room has a 4’ wide window on the south side of the house. OK south east side if you want to be picky. In the winter and early spring it is bright sunshine. As time progresses and the oaks leaf out it is shaded. I had built a four shelf wooden monstrosity that sat against the window and had fluorescent lights on the undersides of the shelves. I loved growing my own transplants. As I got busier (translate this as – when I went back to work after the kids grew up a bit) it became a chore and when we redid the laundry room my husband looked at it and said it was time to go. I really hadn’t used it much in the last five years. I didn’t complain about losing it.

Now of course I still want to grow a few seedlings indoors. Currently they sit in a very sunny window but it still doesn’t provide enough light. My seedlings are a bit leggy, and after two days of very dark rainy weather, they are just getting worse. So I brought out a goose neck lamp and put it over the few little transplants I have. It is a small lamp that really doesn’t cover all the little seedlings. It certainly won’t once the eggplant finally germinates, but it works better than nothing.

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