Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fall Crops

My spring peas are finally wearing out. They are still producing, but the peas are turning bitter. The plants really looks sad. Most of the foliage is dead or dying. Just the new green shoots look nice. I've already planted my fall peas and they are doing fine. Though once again I planted two varieties and forgot to label them. I have no clue as to which is which. I figure I ought to be able to tell a snowpea from a snap pea once they start fruiting.

So to replace the peas that I'm pulling out, I started a six pack of Pacman broccoli in the middle of July. It has lived in the garden all its life, but not in the ground since I didn't have room to put them yet. They are still little tiny plants, only 2 weeks old, but their space is ready for them and their roots have almost filled out their pots.

The soil where the peas were was wonderful. I stuck my trowel in and it sunk easily all the way up hand with barely any pressure. The worms must love this bed for it to be so loose. Then two earwigs crawled out of the hole. I really need to start trapping them. So I rolled up some newspaper and soaked it. I'll take it up each morning and replace it. I probably killed a dozen earwigs while I was planting the broccoli. I'm sure that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The broccoli seemed happy in their new home. A little lonely though. There is so much space between each plant right now, about 18". Hopefully when the are full grown it won't be too small.

While I was there, I pulled out the dying asparagus beans. Now I need to replace it with something. I have about 2-3 sqft of space. Maybe I'll plant some more bunching onions. My current ones shoved in between the lettuce (that isn't growing in the heat) have reached adulthood and some are full size. I could use some for the fall.

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  1. Thank you for inadvertantly answering a big question I had--if peas like the cool weather of Spring, won't they like the cool weather of Fall too? Thanks to your latest blog entry I will soon be planting more. Of course, in Virginia's heat my spring peas long ago turned bitter and died. You're lucky to have had yours so long.

    Thanks-Becky at The Dad House