Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally a Sunny Day

Today is going to be a fabulous sunny day for a change. So it is the morning to spray my worm tea/aspirin. First I made sure to pick off any leaves from my tomatoes and beans that seemed diseased. There weren't that many. Previously I made up just 2 quarts of tea, but now with the plants being so big I made up a gallon and could have used more. Those zucchini leaves are huge.

When I started spraying this spring, I really wondered whether it was worth the effort. It takes time. I'm not sure how much time, since I never look at the clock, but it adds a lot of work to the garden. With all the wet weather, I'm glad I have. I've been reading other New England based blogs and many are saying there are no leaves left on their tomatoes. Mine are mostly healthy. Some of the lower leaves are gone and just a few of the higher ones, but that is it.

The wet weather has me worried about my peppers too. The plants are growing just fine in the wet weather, as they always do. Nothing seems to stop them. However I usually let the Super Chilies stay on the plants even after they get ripe. I usually pick a lot of them en masse in late September and string them up to dry. Though many are dry by then anyway. But this year I think they will rot if I leave them out. So I picked a few that were starting to dry on the plant and strung them up inside. I think I'll continue to pick some every week to string. My five peppers look lonely hanging by themselves. I'm so used to a huge string of chilies.


  1. Your veggies look great despite all your rain. The eggplant in your earlier post are lovely. We haven't felt a drop of rain in I don't know how long--since early Jul. Even when they call for it we don't get it! That's the typical pattern here. Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Glad to hear you are having a bit of better weather and that your tomatoes are fairing well (with no help from the chipmunk right). I love the pic of the strung peppers- it looks rather artistic to me! :-)

  3. I so wish I could give you some of my rain. Today was lucky, they predicted rain, but it has been sunny so far. Two days in a row without rain is heaven here.

    Sadly the chipmunk is not even letting me have my cherry tomatoes anymore. But that will change.