Monday, August 4, 2008


Yesterday I planted my broccoli and it looked so lonely. Right now it seems like the plants are so far apart, but later, I won't feel the same way. Still I put a row of bunching onions down the middle of the broccoli. I seeded the chard in the section where I pulled out my asparagus beans. Between the two I put in some radishes that will get pulled long before the broccoli and chard needs the space.

Those were the seeds that went in. The ones that went out were the dill seeds. I harvested four heads of dill. The seeds had just started falling off the head. So I took them and put them in a paper bag. Over the next couple of weeks the rest will fall off. I'll leave plenty of dill seed in the garden to self seed for next year, but I always have to collect some for my pickles. I've never used dill seed in anything else.

I have lots of new dill seedlings in the garden right now. I didn't plant them. I moved the compost pile over and a couple of weeks later, the newly bared ground is covered in dill seedlings. There are lots of tomato seedlings too, but I weeded them all out. There is no way they could grow up before frost.

I need to collect some coriander as it is starting to get ripe. But it has been so wet here, the seeds look black from mildew, not the nice brown I usually get. I've been letting them all fall to the ground. I'm sure many will still germinate next year, but the quality doesn't seem good enough for eating. I'm hoping it will dry out a bit so I can collect some good seed next week.


  1. Dill is my favorite herb. That's so nice that it decided to grow in your garden when you didn't plant it. Fun!

  2. It is one of my favorite things about dill. It self seeds all over. No work at all.