Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On Why I Missed GBBD or Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

SunsetWow I missed GBBD, not that there are any flowers actually blooming here. My excuse is a good one though.

Ever since my mother figured she missed out on an exciting 25th wedding anniversary, which I think passed by with just a dinner out, she has been telling me that I must do something for her 50th. She was thinking something like a party. My husband and I thought it would be fun if the family took a trip - maybe sailing together. My brother nixed that. His wife gets very seasick. But my mother found out about the idea and latched onto it. She must have read the journal of our trip to the Grenadines, because that is where she wanted to go.

TrunkfishSo Joel and I took my folks to the Grenadines to sail for a little over a week. Though there was a computer on the boat, I stayed away from it. For my entertainment I swam in the warm waters and saw all the fish. In some places schools upon schools of them glittering in the sun. I saw rays gliding over the sand and cute little trunk fish coming up to my mask to check me out. I walked the beaches and felt the sand between my toes. And every evening we sat at the back of the boat watching the sunset and drinking cocktails.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.


  1. Wow that sounds fantastic and the picture is beautiful as well. Happy birthday indeed!

  2. Now that would have been a lovely trip this time of year. Great fish photo.

    I am heading up north for a holiday, still cold but at least I am getting out of dodge.

  3. How wonderfully special--the trip and the celebration of such a milestone.

  4. WOW Daphne, how wonderful, especially at this time of the year!
    I wish you a happy and great weekend./ Tyra