Friday, December 19, 2008

Preparing for the Storm

I've been sitting in my family room working in front of the TV. The weatherman keeps telling me about the "wall" of snow that is just about to hit us. It so makes me want soup for lunch. And, lucky me, I have some leeks left from my harvest in November. So Potato and Leek Soup is on the menu. I can smell it simmering from here. Yummy.

That is about as close as I've been getting to the garden recently. It is the busy time for work (don't lecture me about taking vacation in the middle of the season), so I've been just glancing at my seed catalogs. But food is always important and I still have some fresh produce left. Ok I confess, now I just have carrots and a couple of sad green onions left in the fridge. They have been used recently in a Thai fish dish. Most of it was from the store, but the carrots, onions and frozen basil all came from the garden. Whoo hoo.


  1. We are getting a wall of snow over here too Daphne. Wish I could have some of that soup with you. It sounds perfect right about now!

  2. OMG-it looks really good and I would say your are definitely ready for the storm.

  3. Leeks are sooo yummy. I still have a few out in the garden, I'm hoping to use them for soup over the Christmas-New Year holidays.

    It sounds like you have been getting walloped! In Maine today (Sunday) we've received about 8 inches thus far, with no sign of the snow slowing down. I'm thinking Dan won't have school tomorrow....

    Now, if I were mean-spirited I'd say that someone who has recently been sailing in the Grenadines deserves a little shoveling, but of course, I'm not mean-spirited.

    Thanks for posting the links to your travel journals, I had a good look around, and will do again, as I love to travel. I'm thinking Eleuthera sounds great!

    Hope the snow stops soon....