Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seeds in Need of a Good Home

So when I start planning next years garden, the first thing I do is take stock of what I currently have. Then I take out the ones I'm not growing anymore. If they interest you please send me an email with your address and what you would like. I'd be happy to mail them out to you (US only), if you want just a couple of seeds and not the whole pack let me know. Seeds are a terrible thing to throw away. All the seed is from 2008. So what am I not growing this year?

  1. Pumpkin, Early Sweet Sugar Pie (Burpee). If you read my blog, you know the angst that accompanied my pumpkin growing last year. It will be a couple of years before I challenge the vine borers again.
  2. Summer Squash, Early Prolific Straightneck (NK). I liked it well enough. It wasn't as prolific (despite its name) as a zucchini and I'm gong to try a borer resistant squash this year.
  3. Diakon Radish, Minowase (Pinetree), Turnip, Tokyo Cross F1 (Pinetree), Radish, Pinetree Radish Mix (Pinetree). These root crops don't grow well in my garden unless under a row cover. They aren't worth the effort of a row cover to me except the radish and I'm trying "Reggae" this year which has some insect resistance.
  4. Arugula, Rocket (Burpeee). I HATE arugula, though I'm sure a lot of you out there would disagree with me.
  5. Beans, Yard Long Bean (PineTree). Didn't grow well here. I might try it again some year since I love them, but not anytime soon.
  6. Carrot, Danvers (Blotanical Interests). Grew fine. Tasted fine. But Big Top was better here. I'm going to try different varieties this year. BTW this is a good section for clay soil.
  7. Mustard, Red Giant Indian Mustard (Pinetree). Didn't grow well in my garden.

In additon I still have seed collected from my garden I'm willing to ship out. Dill, flat leafed parsley, and pink mallow (yes a flower, really I do grow them, warning self seeds like lemon balm).

I don't require any trades. I'm just saving the seeds from the compost pile.


  1. What a great idea to pass you seeds along. The pink mallow are beautiful, aren't they? I have mostly white ones, but occasionally a pale pink one pops up.


  2. Daphne, I have Trail of Tears and an unknown pole Cranberry, perhaps Vermont. They are both terrific. Email me (my email is under my profile) and I'll send them to you. Are you aware of the efforts of Bifucated Carrot and his international seed trading blogger's ring. His blog is very good and worth a visit regardless.

    As for vine borer and pumpkin pie, you probably know this but the moschata like butternut are apparently resistant to vine borer as they have solid stems and make fantastic pumpkin dishes, though odd looking jack-o-lanterns ;-)

  3. Ohh that would be so nice. I'll email you. I think I've come across his efforts before, but it totally escaped my mind. I'll have to go over and look especially since no one has taken me up on my offer yet.

    I've actually ordered Neck Pumpkin from Pinetree already (just placed the order this morning). It is indeed a cucurbita moschata and is reported to make great pie. I've got my fingers crossed that the borers can't kill it. Pumpkin pie from my garden has been very elusive over the years.

  4. Arugula makes a great a trap crop for flea beetles, at least it works great for me :-), and gives m other young seedlings some respite.