Sunday, July 19, 2015


My front door and the gate to the vegetable garden

Though I'm mostly a vegetable and fruit gardener, I do love flowers. In a practical sense they attract and feed pollinators, so you will have them around when you need them in the vegetable garden. They feed hoverflies and wasps, which both help with pests in the garden. And they are beautiful.

The small perennial garden by my front door was put in this spring. Before it had some low bush blueberries but a couple of winters ago they died. I thought replacing them again wasn't a great idea. All the snow from the driveway gets dumped here. The branches break. I figured a perennial garden that dies back would be a better choice.

Of course not all the plants in here are just for show. The trees are peach trees. You will notice that we edged them off with cobblestones. We wouldn't want anything to compete too much with our peaches. So anything green inside gets pulled. To the left of the path are my recently trimmed gooseberries. And I have a sage plant hiding in there somewhere. I thought about cropping out the top of the photo to show the beauty more. But I find a lot of readers forget that I live in the city. This photo really shows the nature of our street.

I have a few flowers in the back too. The lavender is mostly over now. I've trimmed off most of the flowers, but have one plant left to do. But that is my back door. And my other garden gate. And to the left just out of the photo is one of my apple trees. It looks like a good apple year this year.


  1. Love seeing your gardens and environment, overhead wires and all. We have wires, too, doesn't everybody?

    I hope you find room somewhere for more blueberry bushes. They were the highlight of our summer.

  2. Daphne-

    Thanks for the garden tour. I appreciate seeing your street and putting your garden into the right context. I love all of the hardscape that you have done- the white picket fencing and the raised beds. And I agree with you- a girl can't live on the veggies alone. We must have floral beauty in our lives too!

  3. This part of your garden is lovely.

  4. what a pretty garden you have, daphne. i'm so enjoying seeing the northern hemisphere gardeners' colour, as I struggle thru the winter months! I love the cone flowers - must grow some this summer.

  5. You have a VERY pretty and tidy garden---I love the flowers.

  6. Your new flower bed is looking wonderful! It's hard to believe that it's only in it's first season.