Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chocolate Mint

Yesterday I was working at the store - The Sign of the Dove, an artist's co-op. As a member I have to work about 2-3 shifts a month. While driving home I was passing Pemberton Farms, which is not a farm, but a very nice little garden center and gourmet grocery store. I figured why not stop? They may have the chocolate mint that I'm looking for. So I feed the meter (yes it is in the city of Cambridge, definitely not a farm) and hop out. Their herb section is in the back. I make a beeline for it. And lo and behold, they do indeed have chocolate mint. And about 10 other kinds of mint including one I've never heard of, Japanese mint. I really, really thought about the grapefruit mint, but resisted. I am now the proud owner of chocolate mint. And just for the record its Blue Balsam chocolate mint, because you know I'm going to lose the tag and forget.

This morning I planted the little thing in the garden. So now my trio of mints is complete. The funny thing about them is that they all smell like peppermint to me. Candymint is a kind of peppermint, so I expected that. But I don't smell the orange in the orange mint, or the chocolate in the chocolate mint. I'm hoping I'll be able to taste it. But if I end up with just three different tasting peppermint variations, I'll still be happy. I do LOVE my peppermint. I mean, really, every tea is better with a leaf or two of peppermint in it, isn't it? Now I just have to wait for them to grow enough to pick. Grow, my pretties. Grow.


  1. Yeah! you finally found some chocolate mint! Hope you enjoy it. It always makes me think of a peppermint patty!

  2. Yes I was so happy I stopped. It is a small little place, but seems to carry all the good stuff. When I had a water garden, I would always go there each year for plants. They always had what I wanted. It seems they still do.

  3. Chocolate mint is my all time favorite. The other mints don't have the same pungency that chocolate mint has. I've had orange mint, rose mint, etc. I'm big on herbs. Another I love is pineapple sage. Oh, the fragrance! And lemon verbena and lemon balm. All those to me are the most fragrant leaves I've ever had the pleasure of smelling.

  4. I might have to get pineapple sage. I've had someone else tell me it is good.