Monday, June 9, 2008

Pretty In Pink

When I first posted about my peonies, someone asked me what color they were. I was stumped. I planted them last year and pulled off all the flower buds. Then I promptly forgot what varieties they were. I guessed they were pink, since it is one of the colors I'm drawn to in flowers. For years I've hated pink - except in the garden. Tastes can be funny that way. It is beautiful in the garden, just don't make me wear it. My tastes have since changed, at least for my clothing. Occasional pink is fine. Luckily for me I still love pink in the garden.

So yesterday I had a treat. They finally unfurled themselves and here they are in all their pinky goodness.


  1. These are gorgeous peony !
    That pink must shine in the garden .. I have had one single red one .. just planted one last year, so this is all new to me with Peony.
    Great pictures !