Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yankee Swap

I have a friend that throws an orphan Christmas party every year. I always find it an amusing affair since I think the non Christians outnumber the Christians at the party. Many of the families (mine included) are mixed. The main activity at the party (besides eating and gabbing) is the Yankee Swap. If we wish to participate, we buy a $20 gift and bring it wrapped. Then in the tradition of our friends, Nat (a friend who loves designing games) makes up the rules and we follow them. Swapping the gifts back and forth desperately trying to get something we want to go home with. My husband was kind to me and got me what I wanted. So here are the two gifts I went home with.

I really lucked out didn't I? I was going to get stuck with a very nice serving platter that I couldn't use. I've been slowly getting rid of serving dishes because I have too many (I catered my own kids' Bat Mitzvah party which means that I am not only insane, but now am the owner of a lot of serving dishes). The person that had the Chinese Vegetable book in her hand was my next door neighbor. I told her it would only be good for her to trade with me since she is often the recipient of my garden excess. She concurred.

The other book my husband won for me. He is not much of a bean lover, but I adore beans. He didn't see anything he wanted in the swap so now I have two fun books to read through during the holidays.

I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine.


  1. What a nice way to spend the holidays. We're a 'mixed' family as well. We do Hanukkah here at the house, but go to my husband's family for Christmas day.

    That, and the alure of a Santa Claus is VERY hard to ignore for our small kids.

  2. LOL, another mixed family here as well. We do Channukah at hubbies family's house and Christmas here.

  3. Glad you had a nice holiday. I have the Chinese Vegetable book and enjoy it. That's where I got directions on growing ginger and sesame seeds. If you want to try sesame seeds I'd be glad to share some seed with you.

  4. You did good, Daphne ! Sounds like a fun affair. :)
    Stopped by the mail box yesterday and was surprised to find your seeds there. That was quick ! TYVM !

  5. You are living a charmed life! I don't think there is a more appropriate gift for you to have walked away from that party with. Enjoy them and I expect it's going to be harder now than ever to confine your dried bean growing in 2010 to something manageable in size!

  6. Happy Holidays Daphne!
    I have a package of Seeds Savers French Breakfast Radish with lots of seeds left. Do you want them? This radish has been the least tolerant of the fall/winter heat and sun (it's 85 degrees here in the winter and 95 in the summer!!)

    I have a small garden and climate challenges (no rain and hot sun all year) so I've gone through lots of seeds trying to find the most ideal. I'm looking for someone that might want all the seed packs I'm not going to use again. I've planted a few seeds from each so there are lots of seeds left. The seeds are organic or from SSE, Baker Creek, Natural Gardening Co. I don't have time to swap them online so I'd rather give them to someone that likes to do that or can use them or share them with other gardeners. If you want them and/or the French Breakfast let me know your address.
    Aloha, Jane

  7. Ribbit, yes Santa is very hard to resist. Luckily my kids are older now. We do give them gifts, but few and often practical gifts. This year I asked them for a list and they both said they didn't want anything. They have grown up now.

    Emily, I wonder if they would even grow in my climate. I guess I'll find out. I'll let you know if I decide to do it.

    Miss M, I'm glad you got them. I always worry about sending to Canada. I had one person that I kept trying to send stuff to and it never showed up.

    kitsapFG, I might have to look into a community garden plot after all.

    Jane, Aloha, I would love them. I tried to find your email address but couldn't. I'll leave you my email on your blog so you don't miss it.

  8. Oh, goody! I'm happy to see you receive such gifts, as they will cause you to grow more vegetables, which allows you to save more seeds, of which I am often a recipient!

  9. You did very well in the swap! I haven't looked at the Rancho Gordo book but I buy their beans often, they have so many interesting varieties. It makes it a little easier to decide what to grow, if Rancho Gordo grows em, I don't need to!

  10. I've never heard of a Yankee swap but looks like you came up with a good gift!

  11. Now that's what I call true love! hahaha. I'm sure you husband benefits greatly from your garden education.

    This year, Marc and I stayed put but for years we visited my family in Pennsylvania for Christmas...we would always do a Yankee swap. I always ended up with the scratch tickets. I family was always good about feeding my gambling habit. :)

  12. Granny, you are always thinking ahead aren't you?

    Michelle, but I want to grow all my beans :>. Rancho Gordo beans aren't really available out here. Or at least I haven't seen them in any of the stores out here. We do have a local company called Baer's Best Beans, but they aren't organic. They do sell some fun beans like, soldier, Jacob's cattle, and Anasazi beans. But usually you can't find the heirloom varieties, just the normal kidney, pinto, etc.

    Kalena Michele, I did :>

    Thomas, well not as much as you would think since he won't eat anything that resembles a vegetable. But then we made gyoza recently so he ate some of my cabbage (but pureed so fine he didn't know).