Monday, July 4, 2011

Harvest Monday - July 4 2011

This is another week where I haven't been home to pick my crops. I'll be home later today and respond to any blog related questions that I've missed since Thursday.

I seem to have fallen into a pattern of picking my chamomile blooms once a week on Mondays. I won't get to pick them today, but I'll do it again tomorrow morning. Above were picked last Monday. And dried for winter tea.

Then the peas. I brought out a big bag again, but alas I didn't really need it. The snow peas were in a definite lull and the snap peas don't seem far behind.

This basket was picked because I planted some fall veggies. Though the shorter maturing will have one more harvest before the real fall season. I'll seed more of them later. Last year I direct seeded the short maturing fall crops. Maybe I'll do that again if there is a lot of free space at the time.

The first of the pollinated zucchini were picked. Three plants seem to be producing well. The fourth is being slow about it all. There was also another zucchini picked but it didn't get photographed. I also picked some sideshoots of the broccoli. One I picked too late and tossed. Blossoming flowers aren't going to do anything under a row cover.

I needed some lettuce for my sandwiches while I was camping over the weekend. So I picked one of the Anuenue. It is a Hawaiian lettuce that Mac sent me. It is obviously a crisphead, which I haven't grown before.

And last but not least the peas again. I usually pick them twice a week. The Golden Sweet are starting to put out more peas. The Blizzard snow peas didn't have any peas on them, but I can see a new wave of flowers coming in. I hope Cascadia is ready for another wave, because I'll really miss them when they are gone. I usually rip my peas out on July 15th as they give up the ghost then and it gives me time to plant fall carrots in their place. Some of the pea leaves are starting to turn yellow and some are getting powdery mildew, but I expect to get one more wave of Cascadia before they have to go. The peas from successive waves aren't as pristine and tend to be a bit more deformed, but they still taste good. Pea season is just too short.

  • Broccoli 0.48 lbs
  • Cucurbits 1.84
  • Greens 2.32 lbs
  • Herbs 0.14 lbs
  • Peas 1.83 lbs
  • Weekly Total 6.59 lbs
  • Weekly Spent $0
  • Yearly Total 94.04 lbs
  • Still in the hole $-157.13

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. Good morning!

    It always fascinates me to see what you get at different times of the year, particularly when I compare your harvest to ours. If we still had lettuces and peas we'd never have squash.

    Let us know how you like the crisphead...

  2. Your chamomile is just so pretty. I have been harvesting spearmint from my parents' house to save for tea for winter, but my chamomile is still so small and does not have any blooms on it.

  3. Happy Fourth of July! I hope you had a good trip! I'm still not seeing any female zucchini flowers on my plants, but I have hand pollinated a few females on my compost squash plant and the fruits seem to be getting bigger every day.

  4. Very nice harvests as usual this week! I see that you have two varities of zucchinis. What varieties are they? Hope you enjoyed your Holiday away!

  5. I agree that pea season is just too short. Mine just began producing, but some of the leaves are yellowing already.

    I simply must grow chamomile next year. I love chamomile tea and the plants cheery blossoms make me smile. What variety are you growing?

  6. The flowers are a really great way to share your harvest. They're lovely. So many peas! How do you do it?

  7. Our peas are coming in soon. Usually I get only one big harvest, no more flowers and so I have to rip out the entire plants too!

  8. Another great harvest! I am envious of our peas! Do you have a trick??? You have harvested so many! We are now harvesting Round Two of ours, but the yields from both rounds have been so small there hasn't been much for us to eat beyond a little snack here and there. I'm wondering if it's due to the super dry, hot spring we've had...

  9. Nice picks Daphne! I picked my first zucchini this week too. I'm sure we'll be getting tired of them very soon. My peas have pretty much given up too.

  10. Great your still getting peas. Mine were removed this week. I was able to harvest enough seed for next year though. The rest of the harvest looks great!

  11. I always leave inspired each time I visit your blog. I think I would like to try chamomile next spring. Lovely harvest as always :).

  12. I agree - pea season is too short. Nice looking lettuce also. Have a good camping trip

  13. We are so far behind you this year with the pea season. My shelling peas are just fattening up pods and my Cascadia sugar snaps are just blooming. Until I get to harvest some for myself, I will enjoy looking at your fine bounty of peas. :D

    Lots of good eating in your harvest basket this week!

  14. I love the photo of your chamomile flowers...gorgeous! I have never grown that much, but perhaps I should to have tea throughout the winter. Thanks for hosting Harvest Monday! Happy 4th!

  15. Beautiful harvest Daphne! How do you make tea from those blooms? I can't wait until I can plant peas again!

  16. Happy 4th! I have decided to plant chamomile because of all of your pictures showing it. I love hot tea, so I am going to plant some.

    You ought to stop by my site today. I harvested enough pears to can 43 jars this week. Whew. And I still have 1/2 a bag left on the counter, but don't have any more energy or time for canning this weekend.

  17. Love your usual! Your garden in so productive. I so wish I had your peas. I'm going to try again this fall.

    I want to thank you for hosting Harvest Mondays...they've been fun for me.

  18. finally my harvest season begins and I can join harvest mondays!

  19. FoodGardenKitchen, Our season is so much shorter than yours. We still get squash at least most of the time. But I need different beds for the summer and spring things. We just don't have the time to plant summer after spring crops. The spring crop beds get fall crop things sown after them. I can eek out spinach before my summer crops but just barely.

    Prairie Cat, I haven't saved any of my mints yet. I will. But since they were just planted this spring I was getting them to be a bit larger.

    Thyme, thanks. I had a great trip. I came back to five zukes. I guess I don't have to hand pollinate anymore. I hope you get your females soon.

    Robin, I planted Raven and Costata Romanesca. I LOVE the taste of the Costata, but it isn't as prolific and sometimes they plants are too much in sync. They both put out females together. Then they put out males together. I figured another variety would make for better pollination. It seems to be working pretty well except for that first week.

    GrafixMuse, Mine are starting to get yellow too. I usually get two waves though even in hot weather. I'm hoping they live long enough to produce it. Blizzard is already putting out the second wave. Golden Sweet never really gave up totally, but is on its second wave too. I'm growing Bodegold Chamomile from Fedco.

    Jody, I don't know. Peas have always produced for me as long as I can get them to come up. I think we get decent springs here in the maritime Northeast. Just a little inland the weather swings are much much worse. The ocean keeps us a bit more even. Though this year was pretty up and down. More so than usual. I also always use inoculant. If you don't it is a good idea.

    RandomGardener, Well one harvest would make for easy planning at least. My timing will be close if I have to rip them out for my fall crops or not.

    Bee Girl, no no trick that I know of. I plant them two inches apart. I plant two rows. One on either side of the trellis. The rows are six inches apart. I use innoculant. I have 16' of the peas, so I'm growing quite a few. Peas do hate hot and dry. They like it moist and cool. Our weather usually cooperates in the spring.

    Thomas, yeah I got home and picked five zukes. I'll have to poke Ribbit to find more recipes. But she ripped her plants out.

    Ed, I have some seed drying on the vine this year, but not enough. I still haven't made up my mind about growing Golden Sweet right now because of its height. So I didn't let a lot set on either that or the blizzard. I might have enough Cascadia though. I'll have to be careful which plants I rip out to plant fall crops, because they need to get out in a week and a half.

    Diana, chamomile makes such a lovely tea. And the hover flies love it. I had to leave a spot when I picked it so they wouldn't be chased away.

    johanna, thanks

    Laura, Usually you pick your peas before I do. You have had such a hard year. Well anyone out in the Northwest has had a very hard year.

    The Sage Butterfly, I usually grow more than I can drink myself. I'll dry some for my neighbors though if I haven't grown totally fed up with picking the flowers by then.

    Melissa, I just toss them in water that was boiling and steep, just like any tea. They can be used fresh or dried. In the summer I only use fresh, which I keep a stock of in the fridge.

    Crafty Cristy, Oh wow that is a lot of jars of pears. The funny thing is that I don't like pears all that much fresh, but I love them canned.

    Lynda, thanks

    Graziana, Congrats!

  20. I just got back from a long day of weeding and garden work, we returned with more chives, mesclun greens, 2 gorgeous heads of lettuce, and even some garlic.

    Happy 4th!

  21. Glad I found this meme. I'll be participating soon! I love your weighing of your harvests. How organized!

  22. Gosh, it seems so weird that other gardeners are still harvesting cole veggies, but understandable due to the climate differences..

  23. Looks like you have been getting some great rewards out of your garden! Happy 4th Daphne.

  24. Thanks to you, I actually stopped to weigh my peas. We harvested all of them this weekend to make room for our cukes and squash plants. Now I'm off to shell a lot of peas!

  25. I hear you on the pea mildew. My snow peas are shot all to H and back with powdery mildew. This year, I got very poor germination of my Super Sugar Snaps, and am just now getting the first few. It's a race to see if the mildew will get them before I do. You have a lovely harvest, as usual.

  26. Fred, I can't wait for my garlic to get ready. I've got less than two cloves left from last year.

    Sara, I've found weighing things helps me with decisions about how much to grow of what things. Of course if I kept a garden journal it would help more, but at least I've started making small notes in my spreadsheet.

    EG, lol I'll harvest Asian greens at least all year long. So far this summer has been hot. If it gets too hot they won't make it.

    Dan, thanks

    GonferalinID, I've got cukes growing, but they just won't start setting fruit for some reason. They ought to with how big they are.

    Lou, I hope you get your peas. It would be sad to miss pea season.

  27. As always, looking good. You're right the ocean breezes must put a damper on the temp extremes. Peas here in the midwest have been done for a few weeks. Still a few are there for snacking, so it's not a total loss.

  28. I haven't been good about keeping up with my peas but I did give them the full sweep before yanking them out this weekend. I think my summer squash will be ready in the next week and I harvested my very first tomato today. Happy days are here again.

  29. You and all your peas!! Darn.

  30. Love those chamomile flowers and beautiful varied harvest as always, I'm collecting jasmine flowers for tea as well.

  31. Gardenvariety-hoosier, I'll be pulling my peas in a bout a week. At that point all I'll be getting are little tiny deformed peas. They taste good, but not enough to keep the yellow plants up.

    Green Bean, the first tomato is always so good. Well not always in taste, but the whole idea of it.

    Brie, lol yes and I'm harvesting more this week. It won't be long before they get pulled though.

    Mac, tomorrow I need to pick some mint to dry for winter. They are finally big enough to harvest.

  32. I find it fascinating your different growing seasons and how long summer is. I am fairly new to gardening so I have a lot to learn so that I can get the most out of our time (short..mid-May thru Aug)

  33. Even though I'm very late with my harvest post, I'm glad to see that your linkies are still up!

    After seeing your peas, I'm really missing them and regretting that I didn't plant any. I'm really intrigued by that pretty Anuenue lettuce - is it mild tasting?

    Always fun to see what you're growing!

  34. Gayle, Growing in Alaska must be interesting. You have a very short season, but a lot of light during that time. I wonder if things grow faster because of it.

    JGH, The Linky stays up until next Monday. They let me have one for free so that is what I use. Yes the Anuenue lettuce is very mild. It is a crisphead so that is not surprising. I like to mix it with my other lettuce to add to the flavor, but I don't mind it by itself in sandwiches. It has a great crunch.

  35. Your harvest looks great! I haven't harvested anything yet, but I will try to remember to come back and post when I do. :)