Friday, July 15, 2011

Pulled Peas

This morning I did one major chore. I picked the last of the snap peas (Cascadia) and pulled the plants. Now the section of garden looks so open. I'm sure the corn and squash behind the peas were happy to see them go. Now they have more sun.

I did leave a small patch of peas near the fence. I let these set seed.

Cascadia, Golden Sweet, Blizzard

Some were dry already so they were taken off and brought in to be put with the rest of the seed to dry out. This may be my first successful year saving pea seed. Usually it gets so moldy I can't save it, but we haven't had too much rain so the pods are drying just fine.

Oh and did you notice that first photo? The burlap was taken off the first seeded part of the carrot bed. And yesterday morning I got some more carrots seeded in the old snow pea area and have burlap covering that portion.

T minus 7 days and counting. T minus 6 days, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. We have liftoff. Yes it took just a week for my carrots to germinate. I see most of the rows up, but spotty so far. I'm sure more will come up soon. I'm so happy. OK maybe it wasn't quite as thrilling as Apollo 11, but a gardener gets really excited about such things.

Now I've got to seed the rest of the pea bed and the garlic bed in carrots. Do you think that will be too many carrots? I'm still debating in my mind what should go where for the fall. The main brassica bed will stay the main brassica bed. I'm putting kale where the onions are right now and it will get a row cover. I think I want mache where the potatoes are growing right now. I've yet to successfully grow that, but I'm going to try again with some seed that Emily sent me. I'm going to put spinach where the Heinz tomatoes are now. I'm going to plant carrots where the garlic, peas, and spring carrots were. That is almost a whole bed of carrots which is probably too much. Or is it? I do want to store some for winter. Hmm should I try for fall peas? Fall peas really don't work well here. It is too hot over the summer to get them going well and then they don't have time before it starts freezing to produce. But I might get a little and variety is nice. Decisions, decisions.

And I have one other question for you all. I broke my posts out into three smaller posts. Sometimes I think very long posts get to ungainly and disconnected. And sometimes hard to read all at once. What do you all think. Huge massive post. Or more smaller ones?


  1. I think that you should plant some peas and carrots.

    With regard to the posts, I think that three smaller posts would be better. I tend not to thoroughly read long wordy posts. When I do long posts, they are mostly pictures with some brief comments. I guess I'm not a wordy kind of gal...I think that my husband would beg to differ though!

  2. I'm waiting for my carrots to germinate as well. I sowed them Monday 4 days so far?

    Yes, I think you should plant the remainder of the bed in carrots. Unlike other fall crops, carrots store well in the garden into February. You'll be eating carrots all winter long after the fall Brassicas have turned to mush!

  3. I also vote for smaller posts. I like to visit lots of blogs, and I don't always have time to read lots of text, but I love seeing the photos.
    A good crop for us here in Autumn (Fall) harvest is Endives and Chicory. Do you grow those?

  4. Color me jealous of your carrots. I'm going to go outside and see if it makes sense to try any. I have burlap. . .

  5. This post seems just about right.

    Could a body have too many carrots? They keep for a long time.

  6. I think I just put in my 6th planting of carrots. I never have too many, but I do often go into winter with some that are too small to amount for anything, so this week is where I'm drawing the line at planting more. I am trying hard to free up beds for fall plantings of spinach & beets.

    Long posts, short posts, makes no difference to me. If they're long I just leave the tab up until I have time for thorough reading. Your posts are always interesting enough to keep me wanting to read to the end. I'd vote for long or medium, I'm not fond of opening a site for 2-3 sentences and one picture.

  7. There IS no such thing as too many carrots. Plant, my dear, PLANT!!

  8. My word! Now you've got me thinking about my fall garden. What to do, what to do? O bother.

  9. One big post. I wouldn't have thought to look for the other posts if you hadn't mentioned that they were there.

  10. Robin, I have trouble with long posts too. But then I write them often enough. Sometimes I just have to stop and be more succinct.

    Thomas, Oh how I would love to be eating carrots all winter long. That would be wonderful.

    Mark, no I'm not a fan of bitter tastes and don't like them all that much. I don't mind a little in a salad, but I'm not sure I'd grow them myself.

    Stefaneener, good luck

    NellJean, I don't think you can have too many carrots. As long as they are good sweet carrots.

    Granny, I still need to get mine planted. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe. I hope I have time.

    Sue, lol yes ma'am

    Jody, it is always hard to figure out what you want in the fall when it is the middle of the summer.

    Karen Anne, I hadn't thought of that. So far smaller posts win as long as they aren't too small, but I probably won't break them up too often.

  11. You can never have too many carrots - plant them!

    I don't mind long posts when they are cohesive or digging into a specific topic with some gusto. However, "this and that" discussions seem easier to manage in smaller segments.

  12. smaller posts, they are easier to read.