Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Storm That Wasn't

Yesterday the weathermen were all about the storm that was coming in during the afternoon and evening. They claimed heavy winds with scattered thundershowers and possible heavy downpours. So of course I put off watering. And with the wind I was worried. So I tied up my pepper and eggplants to the stakes that were put in ages ago.

Watering the garden, sunflowers on the left

Then I decided heavy wind and rain would knock down my sunflowers. They are huge. Maybe eight feet tall. Maybe even nine. They are much taller than my trellises that are seven feet plus the six inches of the bed. I figured I'd stake them with the bamboo. It would be tall enough for them. But the bamboo wouldn't go into the ground. So I took my three foot T-posts and pounded them in. Then used string corral the sunflowers. They are only three feet high, but it does support the bottom part of their stems. Now they are much more upright than before.

And since it was going to rain I held off of watering the plants. What a mistake. We got zero rain - and little wind. OK maybe a couple of drops, but the rain gauge still says zero. So this morning I had to get out and water the whole garden and our new landscaping. We really need some rain. Today at least is a break from the heat. We ought to be only a few degrees above normal, but by Thursday it is back into the 90Fs again. I could have sworn I lived in the north.


  1. That's what they said here too. We got no rain, no wind and the temps are becoming unbearable again. I would do just about anything for a good rain!

  2. All that work! Well at least you'll be ready next time. We got less than half an inch here. It was enough to forgo the daily watering at least.

  3. I didn't water either thinking the powers that be would take care of it. Ha! But they're saying rain today. And I think it WILL rain lots because I watered the heck out of everything!

  4. I hate it when that happens. Of course, the converse, when you water just before it rains, isn't so fun either! Lovely work staking.

  5. I know, I haven't watered my garden in ages and I'm not aching to start now. Hopefully the precipitation will be consistent this summer as there's nothing worst than split tomatoes.

  6. I tell you sometimes it's hard to know what to do pertaining to our gardens and the weather! We deal with that also. Your garden looks awesome though!

  7. Robin, today was supposed to be our cool day. Sigh. We are at 90F already. I swear I live in New England not far from the coast. We just shouldn't keep having temperatures this high.

    Jody, I was wishing for at least half an inch. Ah well. Hopefully it will rain soon, but nothing is really in the forecast.

    Wendy, lol that happened to us last time we watered. After we were done it poured.

    Stefaneener, Well then at least they have been well watered lol

    Thomas, I'm not seeing it in the forecast. I wish we would get some real rain, but nothing. Maybe if we are lucky the scattered thundershowers of Friday will hit us.

    Alicia, thanks

  8. We have had torrential rain today - you can have some of ours. I never trust the weather forecast. Our weather can be very different from that experienced 10 miles down the road, and it is not possible to accurately precit what we are going to get.

  9. The heat is awful everywhere now. I dread going home today--it's been hot where we've been, but at least there is airconditioning. None at home.
    Sorry you missed out on the rain. It's been terribly dry.

  10. We are having rain this week and temps that can barely crawl up to 70 degrees. Actually it feels like fall the past two days.

    Your garden is looking spectacular and you have fortified it such that when a storm (most like not heavily predicted) blows through you will not be caught with unprepared plants.

  11. Mark, I wish I could have had some of yours. I know the weather forecasts are just that, but I hate to water when I don't have to. Just 10-20 miles south of us they got some good rain. It seemed to be where all the rain landed all day long. But not here.

    Sue, ouch I think I'd die without air conditioning this year. I'd go somewhere else for the day I think. But then I'm a real heat wimp. I faint when it gets really hot and I have to be out in it.

    Laura, Boy if we could just average our weather it would be great.