Sunday, July 10, 2011

Random Photos

I finally did it. I got my peppers sprayed. The damage in the last two days was pretty high. More so than the whole last week and a half. Next time I'll just have to spray them when I have to. I'll leave the tomatoes out of the picture so I don't lose so many leaves to bacterial spot.

Grilled peas, zucchini, boc choy, and fingerling potatoes (the last from the farmers market)

First sunflower starting to open.

But mostly I'm doing this post because I have a few random photos and nothing to say today (shocking isn't it). So I'll just put them up.

Ladybug pupa all over the garden.

For Ribbit


  1. Random or not, I like those photos!

  2. I really love your aerial pictures too - wish I had a way to do that with my garden - as it gives such a great perspective on the garden as a whole.

    You really need to give warning that you are going to show pictures of yummy food. I tumble across these early in the morning before eating anything and my stomach starts growling looking at them! LOL!

  3. Your garden look amazing. Our onions looks like they are not growing at all. I wish they grow faster and big bulb like yours.

  4. Sorry, I must have missed it, what happened to your peppers that you had to spray them? Your garden looks beautiful.

  5. Great photos of your garden growing like mad. Bravo. I wish my garden looked so pretty.

    I really should dismantle my light system so I can take pics from above like you. They're cool! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Are your house neighbors in seventh heaven over your gardening and food production skills yet? It wouldn't surprise me a bit if they erected a shrine to you, LOL! Looking at your overhead shots makes me realize how far behind I am. I need to get some work done out there!

  7. That is such a luscious garden! Are all three bugs in that picture ladybug larvae.

  8. Mark, I toss so many pretty photos when doing the blog. I usually only post what is relevant to the words with maybe an occasional flower thrown in for fun. But I think I ought to have mishmash occasionally so I can put them up.

    Laura, lol no warnings on yummy food. The funny thing is I really love those grilled snap peas as much cold the day after. I've taken to making sure I have some saved for the next day.

    Diana, Aren't onions usually summer plants? You can grow them over the winter, but they only bulb when the daylight gets to a certain length.

    RandomGardner, my peppers have bacterial spot. This is a very nasty disease that can take them down and make me not have any peppers at all this summer. I'm going to have to spray diligently. Sadly I'm not very good at that.

    Kaytee, thanks

    Allison, thanks. I love the dark red color. I've got a mixed set of sunflowers and those were the earliest. There were three of them. I can't wait to see what the rest of them are like.

    Sinfonian, My biggest problem with taking aerials is that I have to remove the screens. The screens are very tight and hard to get out. Right now I'm just leaving them out, but it means I can't open those windows.

    Granny, lol some of my neighbors I haven't fed yet. I might surprise them with some tomatoes though. Everyone likes those.

    Charm, two are ladybug pupa (the orange ones) and the other is still a larvae. Though it is sluggish so I'm guessing it is about to change.

  9. Count me in on the aerial photos too - they're my favorite!

  10. You have a killer garden!!! Those overhead shots looking down over the garden are amazing! I am oh so envious!

  11. AH-the first sunflower---and what a gorgeous color! And I cannot get enough of overhead shots. There's got to be a way for me to get a 20 foot ladder?

  12. It looks like you're already swimming in summer squash! Also that's a nice fava bean harvest. How many plants did you have this year and how far apart did you sow your seeds? I planted three varieties this spring but only Windsor seems to be producing well. The crimson flowered ones are taking FOREVER!

    I really like the fact that you've started your own little urban CSA. That's a great way to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

  13. EG, I love them too. I just miss the whole view of the garden from above. The last garden I could do that, but this one is long and thin and goes around the corner.

    Cathy and Steve, thanks

    Vanessa, thanks

    Sue, I find it interesting that all the darker sunflowers are blooming first They must be all of one variety. But how knows in a mixed batch?

    Thomas, I sowed the seed 6" apart in all directions. And it was Windsor. They had a 3'x3' spot. And produced even with that nasty aphid infection.

  14. I'm in awe of your garden. It looks relatively small but you get so much produce out of it. And everything looks so healthy. As a novice food gardener, it really helps to see the photos and to get the inspiration.