Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bean Dilemma

I really thought about seeding my beans today. It was so bright and sunny. It got into the 70’s. I know it won’t last. Tomorrow is also supposed to be nice, but then it will get colder and rain. We may even go back to having our high be in the 50s soon. So I’ll hold off. Instead I seeded some more lettuce; Black Seeded Simpson and Asian Lettuce. When I ordered Asian Lettuce, I wasn’t sure whether it was really lettuce or not. The small photo could have gone either way. It could be lettuce, or it could be some Asian green called lettuce. Well the seeds are defiantly lettuce seeds. I tried starting them inside a while ago, but they never came up. Are the seeds still good? I figured I would just seed them heavily outside and cross my fingers.

Then I started looking at the ground saying to myself, maybe the beans will germinate before it gets cold and wet. What could be the problem? If they don’t do well I can always pull them and start again. I have way too many bean seeds anyway. I had to firmly tell myself not to do it. I know if they do germinate, I won’t have the heart to rip them out when they start shivering. I did however construct a bean trellis. It has four legs and will shade my lettuce plot. It looks kind of weird since most bean trellises are taller, but this one is made out of 6’ T poles sunk into the ground at a wide angle. It looks short and squat. I may add one more leg in the front. It will give the lettuce more shade and give me more room for the beans. My biggest question for when I plant the beans is which bean will grow faster. I want the fastest growing one to be in the back (north side) of the trellis, so It doesn’t shade the other beans. Ah well, I have a little while until I should plant them anyway.

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  1. This seems well thought out. I love seeing how other people do things in their gardens - their ideas and ingenuity.

    I found you on Blotanical. Now, I will continue to read further.