Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not Very Zen

There is little to do in the garden today except pick a little cilantro to add to my salad and wait for the rain.

Carol at May Dream Gardens this week told us to accept our weather, but that is so much harder than it sounds. Today I hope we get the predicted rain. We haven’t had any more than a light drizzle since last Saturday and the ground is dry. Though I’ve watered my little seedlings and newly planted transplants, I know the rest of my garden would love a drink.

The weatherman said that this long weekend will be dry, which is good for our barbeques but how will the plants feel? So our only chance of real rain is today, otherwise I will have to water the vegetable garden. This keeps me from feeling very Zen about the whole thing.

I check the radar and it looks like the rain is breaking up. It hasn’t even hit yet. The green on the radar screen is not really getting to the ground. Even the sun is brightening and trying to peek out. I’ll sit here watch the birds out the window and hope for rain. Anyone know of an effective rain dance?

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