Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring Planting

Today was a major planting day. Last week I bought a lot of plants from the garden center and let them harden off. Today they went in the ground. Most of the plants were flowers. The prettiest of them was the Martha Washington geranium. My daughter picked it out and some impatiens. The amusing thing is that both the flowers are the exact same salmon pink. It must be her favorite color.

First I created the planter by the front door. In went the geranium, some pretty periwinkle lobelia and a trailing vinca vine. Then I planted the flowers in my perennial border. I put in some foxgloves, dahlias and forget-me-nots. I scattered flowers around my vegetable garden: impatiens, lobelia, sweet alyssum, cosmos, snap dragons, and marigolds. And last but not least I planted a row of basil. Since I had extra plants, I scattered them where my pumpkins will come up. Eventually the pumpkins will over take them, but for now they should be fine.

All I have left is a six pack of assorted plants: some peppers (planting from Saturday) and impatiens. They have no home. I’m not going to just toss them yet. You never know. The cutworms may kill something. Most of the time I have more left over, in case of disaster, but I must have had more restraint at the garden center than I usually do. Hopefully I won’t lose too many of them. The cosmos are especially vulnerable as the birds love to rip them up.

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