Friday, May 30, 2008

Garden Envy

This morning there was nothing much to do in the garden, but I had to go out and check everything. I was greeted by the overpowering fragrance of my lilac. It is finally in full bloom. I’d been having garden envy. All the lilacs in the area bloom around Mother’s Day (2 ½ weeks ago), but mine was just sitting there. It always blooms late. It is planted on the northwest side of the house so it gets no sun at all on its roots and the ground stays cold. Also it is a ‘Miss Kim’ lilac, which tends to bloom a little later. Its scent is heavenly and it blooms like crazy every year with no real care. As an added bonus a yellow swallowtail was flittering about the blossoms. I wonder if I will see their caterpillars on my dill and parsley anytime soon.

My other garden envy is pea blossoms. All the other gardeners already have had blossoms on their peas for at least a week. I check mine everyday, but nothing. I know I planted them late. The 2nd week of April is a few weeks later than most people plant. They have caught up a lot, but they are not quiet there yet. I planted two kinds of peas: one for me, the snowpeas; and one for my daughter, sugarsnaps. The sugarsnaps have not germinated well and are very sparse and haven’t grown very well. The snowpeas are doing great. Except of course for the lack of blossoms.


  1. Your lilac is beautiful, in fact much prettier than mine which is the old-fashioned kind and did bloom much earlier.
    Very informative post yesterday about the cilantro; which I'd known all this last year when I made an unsuccessful attempt at growing it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog; I like your blog title :)

  2. Thanks. I so wish I could plant a real lilac. I keep thinking about digging up some of my irises and replacing them. It is the only place in my garden sunny enough. The Miss Kim lilac only gets a few hours of sun, but it doesn't care. I full grown lilac is more finicky.