Friday, May 9, 2008

Solar Challenge

For the month of April, Winchester was issued a Community Solar Challenge. This is held by the New England Wind Fund. If 150 families donate $100, they will put a 2kW solar array on the Winchester High School (worth $25K). I dutifully donated my $100, and then waited to see if we made it. I figured even if we didn’t it went to a good cause. Supposedly I can say my house is powered with renewable energy for a quarter of the year – kind of like buying wind credits but not really.

On May 1st, I was looking online to see if we made it and only got the original contribution page. “…If by April 30…” Sigh, that didn’t tell me. Finally our paper, the Winchester Star, had the answer yesterday. 217 people donated. This is good because we made it, but then again it is less than 5% of our population. Since so many people donated, we have been issued another challenge. If we can get 83 more families or 300 total to donate before the end of June, they will double the size. So I guess I’ll wait another couple of months to find out about that.

Yes that wasn’t gardening related, so I’ll move on to the garden. Not much is happening, but my peas, turnips, and radishes that I planted a week and a half ago were finally up yesterday. It took them long enough. This morning a small pack of Asian greens that I am starting inside popped up. They took what – 4 days maybe? Starting seeds inside is so much faster. And the best news is that the cutworms can’t get them – yet.

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