Saturday, June 14, 2008

Garden Update

As I posted last Sunday, my zucchini is stupid. It sent out a female bloom almost a week before any male blooms opened. After the first zucchini whithered up and died, it has learned its lesson. The second female blossom has opened along with a plethora of male blossoms. Not only that, but my yellow squash has also sent out about four male blossoms. I wonder if they talked it over before hand. "Is June 14th a good day for you to blossom? Yup, I can do that, I'll mark my calendar." It is strange to get such a massive display from both plants on exactly the same day.

The snap beans are just starting to twine around their poles. The foot long beans are a little slower and haven't started vining yet.

Yesterday I ate my first cucumber. Today my second. They are wonderfully crisp and sweet, though not very big. They are pickling cucumbers and covered in a multitude of tiny little spines. I run the back of a knife over the skin to take off the spines.

The flea beetles on my eggplants don't like the traps as well as the Asian green flea beetles did. I have to coax them into the liquid. Its not hard. Just run my hand over the top of the plant and shooing them into the trap. Each time I'm in the garden I do this 30 second chore.

Yesterday was a big weeding day. I weeded the whole veggie garden. It was a beautiful day so I used the weeding as an excuse to stay in the garden longer.

Today I watered the garden. I didn't want to since it will probably rain tomorrow morning, but my plants are starting to wilt. I had to put the sprinkler on top of an upside down trash barrel. The peas are so tall, if the sprinkler wasn't raised up, they would have blocked the water.

The lettuce I harvested two days ago is not really bitter like I expected. It is actually pretty nice. I had a good salad for lunch that included the following from the garden: lettuce, mizuna, dill, cilantro, and cucumber. Yum.

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  1. I like the overview shot of your pretty garden. I wish I had space to grow vegetables.