Monday, June 30, 2008

Shades of Green

Green is my favorite color, so how could I not join Emma in here Big Green Leaf postings? I have so many different greens. Some are bordered by white (dogwood). Some are beautiful lime green (hosta).

I have several that are tinged a pretty red (raspberry).

And tinged blue (Iris).

However my only purple tinged plants (eggplant) have been shredded by the hail. Poor things.

Luckily my pumpkin is now under a row cover, but he doesn't like it so is escaping.


  1. Lovely shades of green!

    clay and limestone

  2. I like all the subtle variations on green for the leaves, the contrast of round and long., even the edges of the smooth hosta leaves and jagged raspberry.

  3. A soothing collection of shades of green. Sorry about your eggplant!