Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I’m having twins! Ok so it is yellow squash twins, two fruits from the same stem. This particular squash has been sending out double male blossoms for ages now. But now the first female blossoms have started to bloom and they have gotten into the act. My plant is a little too exuberant. It decided that the twins weren’t good enough. I have four female flowers open at once. Will they all set? My zucchini has a bit more decorum and puts out one female blossom about every other day.

That was the main excitement for the morning. I didn’t even have much of a harvest today. Just a handful of peas. Usually I get lots of peas and also a zucchini or a cucumber or both. I think my plants are sulking after yesterday. They are muttering to themselves about how I’m not taking care of them by letting them get riddled by hail. They look jealously at the Asian greens and their row cover and are on strike until I give them one.


  1. Y'all have gotten Weather this year! I think squash borers found my plant in the front yard (my illicit planting), alas, as it had been giving the nicest yellow squash. And my zuchinni is acting oddly, with fruit dying just as it gets about an inch long.

    Sigh. So much for my experiment in illicit growing (my homeowner's association frowns on vegetables in the front yard)

  2. Squash is a good selection for your illicit growing. The plants are so pretty - well when they don't have borers killing them.

    You might try hand pollinating your zucchini, unless you have tons of bees around. It might keep the fruit from dying.