Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Rain

During some springs I dread the rain. These are the springs of drizzle. We get the same amount of rain as other years, but it comes slowly day by day. The sun never greets us in the morning and we don’t see the beautiful sunsets. At these times I pray for the elusive sunny day.

This spring has been the opposite. We have had rain, though it hasn’t come with a whimper but with a bang – sometimes very loudly. Occasionally the thunder has been more prevalent than actual rain and the wind has been destructive at times.

Today we are getting a more typical spring rain. It is gentle and kind to the garden. There is the occasional bowed flower head, but no seedlings are being beaten into submission, just life giving rain. I always think the garden looks so beautiful during the rain. Lines of water drip from the leaves and petals. The plants seem happy but quiet.


  1. Thanks Daphne. Don't we all love writing about the elements, in varying degrees? The sun, the wind, the rain, and even the moon! We leave nothing out. Loved your photo of rain dripping down those beautiful petals.Will be back soon.

  2. I love your garden. And yes, the rain. Gosh--well don't have to drag out the hose much. The other day my grandbaby was helping me water the garden with the watering can. He's a prize. He watered his pantleg and then the flowers. Love the rain-soaked flower. Nancy

  3. Thanks. I wanted to take more photos of the flowers in the rain yesterday, but then it, well, started raining harder and was afraid for the camera. It never let up except that one brief time. We so needed the rain.

  4. I think we all love the nice life giving rain. We need some of that around here. I was out dragging the hose around this morning.

  5. A burgeoning garden, wow! Do you have any boobies of zucchini?

  6. Sam: I'm really glad for our rain. I almost had to water, but let them go a little long because I knew the rain was coming. I really hate having to use water on the garden.

    Kate: LOL no no boobies. I have them in little sunken circles since May was a little low on water. I may have to mound them up though after all this rain they really don't need the extra water.